New And Nervous

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deedeekaye - May 16

Hi, I'm 8 weeks today! I don't have my first OB appointment until May 27th and I'm really nervous. I haven't been sick at all, and it seems like you're supposed to be sick. I have been really really tired, in fact that is what brought me to my dr in the first place. He tested me and was like, of course you're tired, you're pregnant :) My husband and I have both noticed an increase in my br___ts and they're tender...but it weirds me out that I'm not throwing up. When I chose an OB office (based on friends' recommends) and made an appointment, they said the first appointment is usually done between weeks 9 and 12. Do you think everything sounds right? I'm 33, we've been trying only since Janurary. I did some reading about miscarriages and they seem to happen before week 13, and I'm having a hard time keeping that off my mind. tks, D


Bryandi - May 16

deedeekaye, I am a__suming this is your first pregnancy? Congratulations!!!! My doctor also didn't want to see me until I was somewhere between 9 and 12 weeks. My first appt is this Tuesday and I will be 10 weeks on the money. Don't worry about the "morning sickness" or lack thereof. Some people don't have it. I think the statistics are that a little over 50% of all pregnancies suffer from morning sickness and just a little under half do not experience it. I did not have it at all with my first child, but had a little bit with my second (not to the point of throwing up, just a touch of queasiness once in a while) and this one (my fifth pregnancy, but only my 3rd live baby if I make it that far) I have felt even more queasy than with my second but still no throwing up. The biggest thing I notice is how tired I am. that should go away around the second trimester. Sit back and enjoy your pregnancy. If this is your first and you have never had a miscarriage before, then don't let the thought of it taint the joy that pregnancy should bring with worry. I would give anything not to worry and stress everyday about whether or not my baby is alive and thriving. I hope I helped!


HeatherIsHopeful - May 17

Deedeekay.. first of all CONGRATULATIONS!! :) Bryandi, said it perfectly... dont worry about miscarriage and dont worry about lack of symptoms, some women dont get ANY symptoms and some women get ALL of them lol so dont freak out if you dont have the "text book" symptoms. also, it is normal for your OB not to see you till 9 to 12 weeks, thats pretty typical and it is 'usually' because the miscarriage rate drops drastically after 12 weeks. even if the OB saw you today there is -sadly- nothing (s)he could do to prevent a miscarriage from happening, so 9 weeks or so is standard... also there isn't much to do before then lol except look at the little tiny sac and such if you had a U/S ANYWAY.. I think Im just rambling now. congrats again! I hope you have a very happy and healthy pregnancy :)


mary b - May 17

Deedeekaye, everything sounds rite on to me! Doc's don't want to see u till your at least 8 weeks along and my b___st's are not tender at all either! They were with my first baby. But not at all in my second pregnancy. I have never had morning sickness either. In fact no women on my mom's side ever did!! We are very lucky ladies! Once piece of advice, try to relax!!! I know it's hard cause there are so many new things to learn, experience and scary stories, etc, BUT enjoy this wonderful time with your husband. Pregnancy is a wonderful time in your life, the more relaxed you are, the better you will feel. Stick with this forum site, it got me through in my first pregnancy and I know it will be great the second time around. Prenantal yoga and meditation is a great way to relax, and connect with your baby. Don't focus on what COULD go wrong, focus on what has gone right...Good Luck!



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