New Here Have Lots Of Questions Please Help

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heather28 - January 22

A little background... I have a 10 1/2 year old DD. My DH and I have been TTC since April 2005. I just got a confirmed blood test with HCG level of 91. The day of my last period was Dec 18. My due date is Sept 24. Okay here goes. This pregnancy is nothing like the first no real morning sickness or br___t tenderness. What I do have is low back pain, dry and stuffy sinuses, yeast infection like symptoms (mostly itching ..sorry about the TMI) and these weird pulling type pains around my c-section scar. I am extremely tired, I know that's normal. I'm just concerned about the other stuff...anyone who can shed light on this would be great. Thanks in advance


lawlady72 - January 23

Every pregnancy is different, with my DD (6 now) I didn't even know until I was about 6 weeks, no symptoms at all. This time I tested and got a positive at 3w8d and had fatigue, a little ms and slightly sore bbs from about 4 weeks until 8.5 weeks then symptoms have been fluctuating since. One day sore bbs, a little nausea, next day nothing. I will be 11 weeks on thursday. Next appt. on 2/2, so my fingers are crossed, that will be 12 weeks.


TamaraAngel - January 23

The pulling feeling sounds like round ligament pain which is normal stretching inside... i had that early on (i'm 16w now). I also had the stuffy nose/cold symptoms and extreme fatigue. Maybe some of your symptoms are different b/c it's a different gender then the first. It's normal to have some discharge but if there is an odor it could be a yeast infection or bacteria infection. The doc will do a pap at your first appnt. If you tell them you think you have an infection they may have you come in sooner. Everything sounds normal, though... Good luck! :o)


margie - January 23

well, im only on my first pregnancy so im no expert...but i can say that i was having some major low back pain when i first found out i was pregnant and i haven't had any morning sickness either, symptoms on/off. but someone told me (and this is not based on fact but their experience) that she got morning sickness bad with her daughters but practically none at all with her sons (she has 2 sons, 2 daughters) maybe it is the gender difference? ive been curious about this myself but i have a while before i'll find out the gender of mine



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