New Mommies To Be What Were Your First Symptoms

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Violet - July 3

Hey everyone, congrats to you all!! I was just wondering if you guys wanted to start a thread about first symptoms for fun. What gave you the feeling you were pregnant? When are you due? Thanks everyone who contributes :)


stacey - July 3

Ok, I'll start- I didn't really have many symptoms- I think I am due around March 13th. I wasn't as hungry as usual, had a yeast infection, my normal lower back pain, and lots of gas- oh, was also annoyed w/ hubby more :)


autum - July 3

im not sure when im due yet, but it will be in march sometime. i didnt know i was pg either. but 20/20 hindsight after knowing a few things make much more sense. i also had a yeast infection, more tired, headaches like mad, and peeing alittle more than usual. but after finding out, the day after i started feeling nauses and sore b___bs.


Sara - July 3

I was nauses, sore nipples, and I kind of just felt like I had pms. I had a little cramping around when my AF was due. I am due for baby in early march!! :)


leda - July 5

I also had a yeast infection! That is weird! My gyn didn't pick up the pregnancy during my pap test because it was so early (a day or two before my implantation bleeding) and told me to get canesten...little did she know! my first symptoms were sore b___sts (like i hadn't felt before) and getting winded at the gym during my normal cla__ses.


Lei - July 5

My last menstrual cycle was April 23rd, and from that day up until two weeks ago I've taken six home pregnancy tests and three blood tests, and they all came out negative. Almost two months go by and I still hadn't had my period, I was very tired, very moody and still a negative pregnancy test. Finally I go to another dodctor and took a urine test and it came out positive. How weird huh? I get an ultrasound and I am seven weeks pregnant. But with all those negative pregnancy tests I don't know what to think. My symptoms now that I know I'm pregnant are really big sore b___bs. My b___bs are huge, and Very very tired and hunger.


bump - July 5

bumpity bump


kelly - July 6

I had AF cramps that kept coming and going, they did'nt last very ong at all. No AF - Thank God!! I also had sore b___sts. After being 5 days late, I started feeling nauseated and got sick all night and felt pretty bad the next few days too. That was when I decided to take a test and sure enough, preggers!!! I Am So Happy : )


kelly - July 6

Oh, and I am due March 6. Good luck to everyone!


stacey - July 6

I am now 2 days past af would be time and don't really have sore b___sts or nipples. That worries me- they are a tad bit sore, but solight that it might be my imagination. Really I get the tugging every once in a blue moon, and gas- that's it for now...come on symptoms :)


Hanna - July 6

I felt like af was going to come (light cramping), even had some spotting which stopped pretty soon after. My armpits were itching and my b___sts felt sore, especially on the sides. I also noticed more mc. Later, in week 6, oh boy, the nausea kicked in.. (still waiting for it to 'kick out'.. )


Hanna - July 6

I forgot to add that pretty soon in my pregnancy smells seemed to change. I haven't worn any perfume since the beginning of my pregnancy because, well, frankly, I don't like the smell anymore! Food smells and tastes weird too! (bitter)


Michelle - July 7

Lei...that is kind of last period was the same day as yours and I had my u/s done on June 27 and I was 9w2d. Weird huh?! Anyhow this is my second pregnancy and my symptons are the same as my first....bad headaches, moody!, very tired and b___bs are sore.


Shirramie - July 16

Hey everyone, My husband and I have been trying to have a baby. I think we have succeeded but my pg test was negative...I'm three days late and have had a reg AF. Despite the test being neg, I feel that just maybe it was too early for a pg test....I have sore b___st, frequent urination, and fatigue. I'm not giving up on my thought of me being pregnant. I'll wait a wk and test again. If anyone has had this problem please share. Thank you and good luck to all! If I were indeed pg like i feel I'd be due mid MARCH.


lindsey - July 16

My b___bs hurt really bad...and my nipples started to itch..i was late and its pretty normal..had cramps and my father-in-laws deoterante spray makes me want vomit..i had really bad heart burn too..and everything my man did annoyed the hell out of me...:) hes now excited lol...


S - July 17

My very first symptom was horrible heartburn (it was so bad I went to the doc) and I couldn't figure out why I had it b/c I never have heartburn. Then I started burping all the time and I never do that either. My next symptom was very sore and burning nipples. All of this was before I tested at 14dpo. I just KNEW I was pg.


Tasha - July 28

right now iam experiencing very sore nipples, not knowing if it is my menstral cycle, or im just pregnant. i had unprotected s_x on the 23rd and the 24th of july. here it is the 28th of july my nipples are so sore. i noticed im so tired and im getting a bad cramp in my left side. and when i got pregnant with my first baby, my sense of smell was like a animal. that is definitely a sign. and i hated the smell of spaghetti sauce. and i love spaghetti. so mother's to be i wish you all the best of luck.



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