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Scarlet - April 21

i posted the following question in the signs & symptoms section and got a response to post here to. I was 9 days late for my last period, it finally came, it was dark, mostly spotting and only lasted 4 days. my usual cycle is heavy and last 6-7 days. for the past week i have been nausea/vomitting, headaches, constipated, i stay tired even at work, certain smells make me nausea like perfume, candles, airfreshner even suckers weird huh especially since i've never had a weak stomach and i can't even vrush my teeth oth the morning without throwing up. when i was first late i took a pre. test it was neg, so i blew it off now the other signs are bugging me, so i took another test it showed a pink line at first(very faint) but immediately went away, tonight i've started having sharp pains in my lower abdomen below my belly button and to the left and have recently starting moving into the bottom of my stomach, in the last 15 min. i've also started having pain in my lower back. could i be preg and losing it pleeeeeese help!!!!!!!


LollyM - April 21

It is quite possible that you are pregnant. I am 24 weeks pregnant now, and the line on my home test was very light as well, although it did not go away. I took 3 tests over the course of 4 days and they all had a light line, so I knew I was pregnant. I was also having symptoms. I recomend getting a two or three package of the home pregnancy tests from the drug store tomorrow. It may seem like a waste of money, but if you have a pink line on more than one test (even if it is light) it can make you feel more certain and help you avoid more stress which is bad for pregnancy! If the pain does not go away, or gets worse, or if you have blood or pa__sing of tissue (like clots in your period) call your doctor first thing in the morning. You can call planned parenthood if you do not have a ob/gyn and they can help you also. Before this pregnancy, I miscarried and it was really upsetting. It was never a diagnosed miscarriage and my pregnancy tests said that I wasn't pregnant, but I knew. There was allot of blood and clots and pain in my thighs. I was nauseous and nearly fainted. Just remember that miscarriages so early are usually because the cells are not forming properly and it is not your fault! You can go on to have a healthy baby. I got pregnant the month after my miscarriage and she is a healthy little girl! Also remember that back pain and even pain in your abdomen can be symptoms of pregnancy and not signs of loss. Pregnancy is hard and takes a tole on your body, so if you are pregnant it is no wonder you are not feeling well! Also, bleeding during the first weeks is very normal and happens to allot of women. In either case, if you find out that you are pregnant schedule an appt with an ob asap to make sure everything is going well, and consider an appt anyway just to get checked out. All the best of luck!


Scarlet - April 21

thanks so much lollym, when my period was first late i really felt like i was preg, it was like my body was telling me but the i bleed some, i have a son who is 10 an when i was preg with him i didn't have any symptoms other than a missed period and sore b___bs, this is so different, and if i am preg i want this baby so bad, calling my obgyn this morning agian thanks


Scarlet - April 21

just talked to my obgyn she wanted me to take another preg test it was neg. she told me to go to the emergency room to rule out appendicitis or gall bladder, but she said i was not preg


LollyM - April 23

I hope you're ok! I'm sure you will be though =) You might have symptoms because you want the baby so bad. Just keep trying! (It's fun to ;-) ) Post back when you find out what's going on! And feel better


tndrlvn - April 23

my test when i took it was a faint pink line as well...and mine did not disapear did go lighter however...i went the following day to Dr. and did a HCG level test and i am now 8 1/2 weeks pregnant.....the symptoms you are getting are good pregnancy symptoms......let us know how it goes....if you need go to a walk in clinic and ask them to do one for you......this way you dont' waste the money....i know i couldn't afford to keep going at $12 a pop per test.....GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! BABY DUST TO YOU HUN


Scarlet - April 26

hey, thanks everyone for all the advice, i went to the doc. on the 22nd, and the doc did another preg test neg. but with the symptoms i was having did a pelvic exam and sonagram no baby, but they told me to keep trying. of course my fiance and me are both very disappointed i am 30 and he is 32 i have a 10 yr old son as i have said before and he has no kids (but loves my son like his own) anyway we have been trying hard to conceive for the last few must, but like you said it is soooo fun trying thinks guys i'll keep you posted good luck to everyone



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