Newly Pregnant Fluttering In Uterus Lower Abdomen

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minoosh - September 14

Hi, I just found out I am pregnant but I don't think I am more than 5 weeks. I am having these weird spasm / fluttering in my lower abdomen. It doesn't hurt at all, it is just a weird feeling, like a rapid eye twitch. Is this normal?


tyler0323 - September 14

too early to be feeling the baby move yet, but gas can be mistaken for baby moving because they are similar feelings. other than that, your body is changing quite extreemly right now so that could also be part of it. if your concerned, talk with your doc but im sure its normal.


andy - September 14

I´m sure you are fine but Its not your uterus or the baby , at 5 6 weeks its only like 5mm , I´m 11 weeks and dying to feel my baby but nothing ... It could be gas cause that happened and still happen to me , I kind of have to concentrate and thinks , what hurts ... and always come to realize its stomach or gas or indigestion , which is very common , you can maybe feel your uterus stetching a little but later .... : )


Tammy276 - September 14

it is probably just a muscle twitching, you are not feeling the baby move, it is way too early, you won't feel that until around 16-20 weeks...I am 12 weeks and can't wait to feel it!! I am sick of the gas bubbles wishing it was the baby.....


Diann - September 18

Not to freak you out or anything but I had what felt like a nervous stomach/b___terflies could even be discrided like a feeling of having a gla__s of pop bubbling in your stomach that was at 4w3d. i m/c at 5w same day as i started to bleed. If you're unsure see your doc


DisneyG1979 - September 26

I started feeling the fluttering about 8 weeks. Its my 3 child but did feel it. THey do say everyone is different,


Tammy276 - September 26

Disney, you may have been feeling muscle twitches or spasm,s but at 8 weeks, your baby is still behind your pelvic bone and only about the size of a grape. There is no way possible you would be feeling your baby moving that early. I know it is nice to think that you are having these "flutters" but that is not what it is.


nintendoprincess0 - September 28

like someone on here wrote, it could be just all in your head because you just want to feel like you are pregnant because its like you need proof :)


minoosh - September 28

Hi, Definitely not in my head. I know I am not that far along yet. It's more like a weird muscle twitch in the uterus. I've read on other forums other women have felt this. Thanks!


Kristin11 - September 29

It is probably gas, and constipation all rolled into one.


babymaybe - September 30

Minoosh-I have the EXACT same symptoms. I thought I was going crazy!! Everyone I asked has never had these "spasms". I am 4 wks prego. These "spasms" occur mostly when I'm sitting, and at night while I'm trying to go asleep. They keep me up at night because they are so distracting!!! They almost completely resolve when I stand. They have subsided a bit now. They began when I think implantation took place. I belive it has to do with the uterus stretching. My GYN said that's just my body's way of reacting to the pregnancy. Try drinking ALOT of fluids. It helps. Sorry you are going thru it too. Doesn't it drive you nuts?!


minoosh - September 30

Hi babymaybe: Yes, it was such a funny thing. It lasted 2-3 days and then I never felt it since. It was the same for me, when I was sitting and seemed to subside when I stood up. Glad I am not the only one! :)


babymaybe - September 30

I just wish I would have read this post much sooner...initially it completely freaked me out, but feeling pretty good now. Good luck to you!


minoosh - September 30

Hi, It worried me at first too because it is my first pregnancy and I have no idea what to expect. :) Best wishes to you too!


Cat_Ninja - October 10

Hi I am 18 and I have been having that 'fluttering' feeling in the uterus area. Im very concerned i may be pregnant,I prey its not that...=( Advice plz? Help Plzz!


tyler0323 - October 10

its most likely gas. You will get it often throughout the begining of the pregnancy. i had it enough, mostly sitting or laying down. im now 17weeks and just started feeling the baby move a couple days ago. this is my second so i know what to feel. gas bubbles feel alot like baby movement. if you are concerned, really, talk with your doctor


Roxanne - June 5

I'm 12 dpo and for the last week, I've been having twitches or muscle ticks right where my uterus is. I can even see it twitch so its not in my head. I've been pregnant once and it feels just like when the baby kicks at about 5 mths. I've been doing acupuncture and asked the dr. about it, and he said its the "chi" or energy moving around there. Sounds like a bunch of hocus pocus, but he helped me get pregnant last time, so maybe he's right. Anyway, took a test and a big fat negative, but will try again in a day or two. So glad to hear from someone else who has this wierd thing. It is rather distracting.



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