Newly Pregnant Fluttering In Uterus Lower Abdomen

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MagixSan - August 25

im only 2 or 3 dpo and i have a fluttering feeling in my uterus..... am i crazy or has a baby just implanted?


mumof2boys - August 29

I am 5 weeks pregnant and didnt know, i wore a tampon the first sign of blood as i thought it was my periods. when i took it out it was relatively dry except for what i know would know to be a little bit of mucus plug. since then im feeling wet all the time and am feeling flutters in the lower belly. they are like popping candy that goes off on your tongue. I was reading some and am feeling hopeful although one post is making me worry. so off to the dr's this arvo. this is my 4th pregnancy. miscarried my 2nd.


bijounk - September 1

It is SO good to read from others who have gone through this. I am fairly certain that I'm pregnant, all of the signs and symptoms... nausea, HUGE b___sts, I've grown a full cup size in the last two months, my face and arms even are breaking out like crazy and I never had pimples like this, even in high school! I have had relatively on time periods this month and last but they have been really off. Super light and lasting less than half as long as normal. I started feeling twitching in the lower left side of my abdomen, like some really deep muscle was twitching or something right after my last period. I know for a fact that it wasn't gas, trust me, I've had gas. My mom and husband could see it twitching through my skin while standing up and could feel it when they touched it. It was the weirdest feeling! By the end of the week, I was feeling it twitch on the left, middle, and right side and this went on for over a week. The first couple of days, it did it pretty much all day, then for a couple of days it only did it from the evening and on into the next morning, keeping me up at night. I took three hp tests and one blood test, all of which were negative, but I'm still convinced that I must be pregnant. I can't do yoga anymore because I've gained belly weight and it isn't soft and squishy the way belly fat should be (and it's all below my belly b___ton). It makes lying on the floor and bending certain ways extremely uncomfortable. I'm really nervous that it could be some kind of cancer or a cyst or something since the blood test was negative, but that wouldn't really explain the other things I've got going on. I'm trying to get someone to give me an ultrasound so I can know for sure either way and either try to have a healthy pregnancy or fix what ever is wrong with me. Try to give us updates so others can know what happened.


mumof2boys - September 1

Definatley sounds hormonal whatevers going on Bijouk. Its weird that hp test and bloodtest are coming back negative.. sometimes ive heard this to happen when u are still pregnant. good luck with it and keep us informed. i went to the dr's and had a blood test get results tomorrow and cant get in for a ultrasound until wed.. i think i have a kidney infection..


lild0 - September 3

im sorry if i do thiswrong im new to this but i really would like to know what is going on with me. I found out i am pregnant and im 7 weeks the baby is fine and in the right place but ive had extreme pelvic and back pain to where i have to lay down and sometimes get sick i hurt so bad i do have fluttering in my abdomen but my doctor said it could be my IBS but shouldnt be causeing much more pain than usual but ive had this pain even before i got pregnant its just getting worse alot worse its really starting to frighten me. It also hurts when i go pee it feels like my back is cramping up really tight...ive had kidney stones twice but just got rid of them in feb of this year im only 19 and i dont know what this could posably be but im scared does anyone know what it could be...does not quit feel like kidney stones. and thank you so much please give me advice!


lild0 - September 3

Bijounk, my aunt had the same problem she was nine months pregnant and still no pregnancy test would show she was pregnant not blood or urine test so you could most definitly be pregnant and it sure sounds like you are so I hope you find someone to do the ultrasound try calling a OB doctor tell them whats going on and hopefully they can do it for of luck!


justmelisa - October 3

So I'm just into my 7th week of pregnancy and I felt that weird flutter too. Its definitely not gas or anything I've felt before. I'm thinking its either because the uterus is expanding maybe its that twitching of the muscle or the egg implanting. But its definitely there.


KLive - October 31

Hi there, my name is kimmy, I'm 18. And I been having weird fluttering in my lower abdomen.. And my right eye has been twitching the past 2 days.. I took 3 pregnancy test's a few days short of being a month after I was s_xually active.. And I just took another today and they all came back negative.. I havent had any other symptoms that I can remember. Do you think I'm pregnant? I probably sound really dumb.. But I want to know someones opinion, I don't like doctors I only want to go if I realllly need too. Oh and I know it was too early for those tests that I took but I did anyways lol. the 4th would make me 3 months if I'm pregnant... What do you thinkk?


allisongemini - November 15

im 11 wks and 3rd pregnancy ya i feel flutters sometimes its nice to think its a kick,, all i know is it makes me "feel" pregnant and the tightness in my belly like i feel his/her tiny self there


luvsmybabies - January 6

I know this post is old, but seriously did any of you even read the post? The post says " I just found out I am pregnant but I don't think I am more than 5 weeks. I am having these weird spasm / fluttering in my lower abdomen. It doesn't hurt at all, it is just a weird feeling, like a rapid eye twitch. Is this normal?" It doesn't say anything about thinking its the baby, so why is everyone responding telling this lady its in her head when she didn't even say anything about thinking it was the baby moving?!? It's probably the uterus stretching.


abbycakes - January 19

Hi, im 19yrs old and for the past 2days ive been feeling these wierd spasms or twitching in my uterus. I knw its not gas because i knw my body. Ive never felt anything like this, its my first time actually expiercing these wierd spasms. It doesnt hurt in any way its just strange. Does anybody knw what it maybe? I dont think im pregant but could it be that i am?


Krinisty - June 1

I have been trying to get pregnant for 7 years and no luck. Lately I've been on chlomid for a month, off a month, on a month, then off for two months. I just finished half a period about a week or two ago and the last 4 days I have been experiencing crazy fluttering in my lower right abdomen for 4 days now. It feels pretty neat actually, I know it would be too early to feel a baby move, but perhaps implantation? My friend actually brought it up to me on our hike the other day, that it could very well be! I won't get my hopes up, but it's fun to think that just maybe! I'll be getting a test this week! And it happens both standing up and sitting down! :)


chubbsy - June 21

I am about 4 weeks pregnant (second pregnancy) and I've been having twitching/fluttering in my lower abdomen like crazy for the entire 4 weeks. I feel like I was able to feel everything that's been going on in my uterus from conception. I find it totally weird that I'm feeling this. I certainly didnt experience this with my first child, so I'm just trying to get used to it...but there's all sorts of movements going on in there..I know that it's wayyy too early to be the baby but it certainly feels like there's something moving around in there...totally weird.


Krinisty - June 21

I took a pregnancy test and I'm not pregnant, however today I just started a new dose of Chlomid, I'm up to 200mg :) Hopefully this will help me ovulate and get pregnant ;)


CherryBooKisses - August 7

Hey all- I am new to this whole thing, so please bare with me. :) I am 19 years old and I have been feeling these fluttering sensations in my stomach- thank you all for clearing it up that it might be gas OR the uterus "stretching". I have also been very tired, b___sts have been through soreness and tenderness- hurt to the touch ouch! Headaches up the wang, "morning" sickness at night- to the point I stay up all night or pa__s out... Um... moodiness, emotional, etc. I am scared to get tested because of that possibility of getting a "negative" reading. This would be my first pregnancy if I am... any advice for someone who has been sweeping the internet for answers?


xiaojana - September 26

hey minoosh, how is it going now? really pregnant? because i feel the same way too, in my case, i've been feeling it for more than 4 days now. i havent tested but surely not more than 4 weeks pregnant. tell me your story, i want to know, thanks ^^



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