Newly Pregnant But A Problem

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Michelle - February 15

Well, I just found out that I was pregnant my husband and I are very happy this is our 1st child.I don't really have allerges or sinus colds,but today I started sneezing a lot and my nose is beginning to be running, my eyes fell low and I cannot stop blowing my this something to be worried this just a cold? Will it harm my baby??


beth - February 15

Michelle, I am now 8 weeks pg and I have had this problem since I found out I was pg. You may just have a cold but it is common for pg women to have sinus trouble. Mine started out with me sneezing uncontrolably and now it just seems that my sinuses are swollen all the time. It sucks so hopefully you just have a cold.


citrouille - February 16

I've had kind of a mild stuffy/runny nose since I found out I'm pregnant... I heard somewhere that this is quite common but I can't remember why! You'll be fine don't worry!


Candee - February 16

I found this info for u>>>>>>>>>>> Increased levels of pregnancy hormones like estrogen are thought to cause swelling in the mucous membranes lining the nose and may even cause you to make more mucous. What's more, your blood volume increases by 40 percent during pregnancy, causing your blood vessels to expand to accommodate all that extra fluid, which can lead to swollen nasal membranes as well. That said, a stuffy nose may just mean what it usually means — that you have a cold or allergies. Pregnancy weakens your immune system and leaves you more vulnerable to infections. If your stuffy nose is accompanied by sneezing, coughing, sore throat, or mild aches and pains, you probably do have a cold.


Heather - February 16

i told my doctor this before i got the test results back from his test and he said that it was normal.. and im thinking how could it be normal im not an allergic sort of person.. then he said "you're pregnant"


Amy - February 17

I've had exactly the same problem, i've just found out that i'm pregnant and get colds often but i never usually sneeze this much! On top of that i've got a urine infection aswell (have been told these are both common)


Kaci - March 1

I've had this problem too...and I have a crazy question...with all the sneezing, does it affect the uterus at all? I've had 2 miscarriages so I'm really nervous.


kat - March 1

its common in pregnancy,dont worry.


deb - March 1

Michelle, from what I understand your sinuses expand thru pretty much your whole pregnancy and that will cause you lots of problems. I have been sleeping under a vaporizer to help mine. Seems to help get thru the day a little easier and I sleep a little better. The doc said this was safe even if it is just the swollen mucous membranes. Hope this helps some of of other ladies too.


claudia - June 11

my mother always says that when a pregnant woman.have this type of sysptoms is nothing to be worried because is part of your pregnant sysptoms.but always is good to ask your obgyn.


JMHM4 - June 13



Maggie - June 13

I'm having the same thing and now it has manifested itself to a horrible and painful post-nasal drip :( I hope this goes away soon.


lashunda - June 13

i'm having the same sneezy, runny nose thing going too. do u know any safe medication for it that i could use?



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