No Breast Tenderness Yet

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Flowrbabe - April 23

I am 6 weeks pregnant and I have taken 3 HPT's that all came out positive. I have nausea and tiredness, but no br___t tenderness yet. Is there something wrong or does that sometimes come later for some women?


Sophie - April 23

Many symptoms may not appear in all women. Even nausea may begin at different times for each of us. I experienced nausea for the first time in my 9th week. I was always exhausted but I have more energy now since my 11th week. Breast tenderness, too, comes and goes. Don't get concerned if some things don't happen and consider yourself lucky. We'll all have enough back pain and soreness in the later months!


jena - April 23

i started getting sore bbs about 6.5-7 weeks in. i'm now 7.5 weeks and it varies day to day - sometimes they are like pins and needles and other days i don't slap hubby if he touches them :) haha. as Sophie said, however, you may never get them - lucky you! good luck!!


Misty - June 25

Have you had b___st pain in prior pregancies or is this your first?


Karin - July 2

I'm just over 6 weeks, and I seem to have lost my b___st tenderness overnight. However, nausea started today. I've miscarried twice so I'm scared, but I keep hearing that b___st soreness comes and goes, as does the nausea. Another question: Anyone know how basal body temps. are supposed to look in early pregnancy?


Sandy - July 5

With some women, b___st tenderness does not begin until around the 12th week or so. I don't think it's anything to worry about at this stage!


Karin - July 5

Thanks for the rea__surance. Some b___st soreness came back today. Another question: do/have any of you felt fairly strong period-like cramps at around 6 weeks? I'm having some and they're alarming; it feels like I'm going to start my period any minute. I also feel a strange sort of pressure on my cervix. Does this sound familiar to anyone?


Nancy - July 5

Hi everyone! I am concerned about the tenderness thing as well. My bbs are more sensitive than sore- I am starting my 6th week. I did experience pressure in my abdomen for the first few weeks but now it has subsided somewhat. I keep worrying that all is ok. This is my first.


Karin - July 6

Hey Nancy. Congradulations! It really does sound like everything's fine. I keep doing lots of research and asking the nurses at my clinic and everyone says that as long as the cramps aren't very, very painful and you're not spotting, they're normal. I also heard that our hormones fluctuate a lot in pregnancy so we should expect to see our symtoms wax and wane as our bodies get used to the changes. I'm glad I'm not the only one experiencing these changes, as well as the pressure sensation; it's a good sign when there are others who feel the same. Very good luck to you, and keep writing! (and eating lots of broccoli and almonds and milk!)



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