No Energy To Do Anything Is This Normal

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firstimemomma - September 12

I'm 7 weeks pregnant. I went to the doctor's on Wed. and I'm waiting for the results from the tests. Every morning I wake up and have a list of things to do. By the time I'm out the door, I feel horrible. I feel faint, nauseous, dizzy and lightheaded. I can't seem to do a single task. Does it get better? I haven't cleaned the houes up in weeks. I have no energy


luvmybaby1 - September 12

Yes! It did for me atleast. Once I got past the first trimester I felt much better. I completely know what your talking about. I wanted to lay on the couch all day, which is totally unlike me. Now I'm pregnant with my second and I don't have that same freedom. Enjoy your peace and quiet! Good luck!


Mommy2B28 - September 14

I am the same way. This is my second baby but my son is 8 going on 9 years old. I feel like I've made a huge mistake starting over again and I to have to energy to do anything. I'm working full time and finishing up my Masters and think that I might have to drop out of school this semester because I'm feeling so sick ALL THE TIME. I've been reading and I've tried ginger but it doesn't work for me is there any quick way to get rid of this. When I was pregnant with my last son I didn't find out until I was 3 1/2 months so I didn't really go through this and its hard. I need help :(


firstimemomma - September 14

I have a remedy. It got so bad for me that i went to the store and bought ginger ale, peppermint tea decaf, whole wheat crackersetcc. I bought a bag of GINGER SNAPS and can i tell i felt great. i wouldn't eat them with milk or liquid. just take 2 or three cookies on an empty stomach and you will feel better. i use to force myself to do things, now i keep a little zip lock bag with me with a few so when i go to work. I bought my bag at Publix. They're in the cookie aisle. Ginger snaps. Let me know how you do. Good luck and don't give up on school. Take a whole bag of ginger snaps with you to cla__s


meganmacg - September 15

I'm about 12 weeks now. Around 6-8 weeks, though, I was exhausted. I would sleep from 8pm to 7am every night and still feel tired. It's gotten better now. I stayed up until 11 the other night. Woo!


FlyBear - September 16

It's completely normal. I detested my first trimester if I can be honest. We were very very happy to be pregnant as we wanted children. This baby couldn't be more wanted but the first trimester is very taxing. Sleep as much as you can!!!



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