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shaylyn - October 24

im single and pregnant and im fine with that but what happens when i have the baby? what goes on the birth certificate and what about child support and all that legal stuff? cuz im not sure who the dad is.


Sims1 - October 25

well i'm guessing here, but if you don't know who the dad is then most likely you wouldn't be able to legally get anyone to pay child support. you can look into dna testing after the child is should speak to a lawyer and see what your rights are, and what the rights of the potential dads are. Also on the birth certificate you just out down your last name....


autumnsmommy - October 25

(A lot of people may criticize this but...I don't care!!!) That can be a tricky situation. Like the previous poster said make sure you know all the father's rights. Obviously you and the potential father aren't together for some it a one stand, bad relationship, whatever. Is this guy ...whoever it may be ... going to be a responsible father and care for your child properly. A friend of mine got pregnant by a druggie and the relationship went bad. She she did paternity tests to prove to him the baby was his and now he has rights to see the child whenever he pleases. He does drugs and drinks and ran off with her baby driving drunk one night. She has been jumping through hoops with the legal system trying to get his parental rights revoked but in the meantime she has to leave her son with his guy...father's rights! I know it's proper to let the guy know but is it the best for the baby? There's a lot of stuff to weigh in your situation. Make sure you do your homework before you find yourself stuck in a bad situation like she did. It's just a possibility. The possible father might be a great guy in your situation and might make a wonderful father. Just make sure you think it through before moving forward. Good luck!


tish212 - October 25

u can just leave the father section blank.... and it is a good idea..honestly autumsmommy pointed out very very good reasons.... u can do it ...100% u r very capable of raising a perfect child without the help of any man...(not being bitter) and when the negative comments get posted here..ignore them....also if u leae the father part on the birth certificate blank later if u meet a man that u want to be with..u can put his name on the certificate without much trouble... congrats on ur pregnancy...


ChattyKathy - October 25

In the hospital, the father would have to be the one to fill out that section. You cannot do it. Since you do not know who the father is, you will have to have paternity testing in order to receive child support.


tish212 - October 25

I'm not arguing but several friends of mine left the father part blank on their birth certificates...and later when they got married to a different man...they went to a judge to have their husbands name put on the birth certificate...its the same as an adoption process so yes it can be done... and my father wasn't there when I was born and the still filled out my birth certificate with his name. so yes u can leaveit blank and later down the road because it is blank its less of a headache for a maybe future hubby to "adopt" ur child. gl....


ErinBriana - October 25

Okay, so depending on what state you're in I'm not sure if this varies, but in WI you can choose to leave the dad's blank empty, but if you are getting insurance through state a__sistance they ask you who the dad or possible dad's are and they conduct paternity tests after the baby is born. I believe in order to get child support and to give the possible dad any rights to custody or visitation his name would need to be put on after a paternity test confirms that he is the dad. If you are on state a__sisted insurance, i.e. BadgerCare or Wisconsin Medicaid (which I think every state has some form of this) the state pays for the testing and the complete birth (if this is your primary insurance) and once they find out who the dad is through testing (or by you putting a name on the BC) he has to pay back all a__sisted costs. So, basically what I'm saying is if you are single and pregnant, you should take advantage of any a__sistance you can get, because you're a taxpayer, too, and are put in a difficult situation. Although you are 50% responsible for what situation you are in right now, the father is also 50% responsible, and he needs to step up and be responsible. I am in almost the same situation as you. I was dating a guy for quite awhile and I discovered he didn't consider us "together exclusively" so I dropped him and went back to a guy I had been off and on with for two years prior. Now, I managed to get prego during that transition phase- and I told both potential fathers about this, but one is more interested in getting messed up (whether it be drugs or alcohol) and the other I find out was messing with my head to get what he wanted (if you know what I mean which I'm sure you do). So, I'm sure you have awhile to do some research and don't stress over it like I've been doing, but I hope everything turns out okay for you.


kay101 - October 25

If you aren't married, you don't have a choice of what name goes under the fathers name. Unless there is a dna test or the man is there to sign it himself, it will just be left blank. You will need to go to court or independently get dna testing done. Once paternity is established, you will go back to court with the father to determine child support and you will also want to file for custody. He may then at that time add his name to the birth certificate if he chooses.



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