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Nicole - May 13

Ok, let me tell you the WHOLE story, I had light spotting at five weeks and went in for an us, no hb yet. Went back a week later- found HB!!!! 124 bpm. Is that good? Well, I went for a 10 week checkup and doc couldn't find the hb with the doppler. Is it normal to not find it on the doppler so early, I go back on Thurs the 19th, Should I worry until then? We saw it on the us, so is there any way it would stop beating? Please help me.


jena - May 13

10 weeks is early to hear a heartbeat. I wouldn't worry - I'm 10w4d and they didn't try hearing it yet - just v____al u/s to see the heartbeats. Even if you don't hear it in a week, I wouldn't worry. Good luck!


erica - May 13

Give it another week or two. Its too early. Trust me I have for kids and on my nuber #5. I'm 7 weeks pregnant.


L Metivier - May 13

I heard the heartbeat of my baby at 8 weeks 162 beats a minute, try not to worry


Jodie - May 13

i recently heard my baby for the first time at 15 weeks and the midwife told me beforehand if i didnt hear anything not to be worried as the baby might be at the back, so i would definately stop worrying (although i know you wont ) and give it a couple more weeks and the first time you hear it that will be the sweetest sound in the world


Nicole - May 13

Thanks, girls. I guess I am just afraid that the baby's heartbeat just stopped beating. Just scared! =) Do you know if the hb of 124 I saw on the ultrasound was a strong one?


jojo - May 13

the say any were from 10 to 14 weeks to hear the just start at 10 it might be aothe 4 weeks till you hear so dont worry


bump - May 14

bu bu bu bump


vanessa - May 14

Hi Nicole. My baby's heartbeat was 130 bpm at 7.5 weeks. Hope this helps... I'm sure everything is ok!


Ellie - May 15

My doctor's office told me hearing a heartbeat on the 10th week is only possible if the baby is in the right place and the uterus is at the right angle. They told me not to worry at my appointment. Told me at 12 weeks, I should hear it.



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