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Valerie - October 20

I'm 9 1/2 weeks along and had my 1st visit yesterday. THe doctor couldn't find the hearbeat so he is having me go for a u/s today. He told me it was early to hear the heartbeat with a reg monitor and I shouldn't worry. Being overweight makes it more difficult to hear it as well. As mich as I tell myself there is nothing to worry about, it seems to only make me more nervous instead. I had a little pink spotting last week, just once, and it's making me crazy waiting. I've had a headache of varying intensity since yesterday morning. I've had 1 baby, no ms/c, but I'm so afraid that I will have one. Anyone have any advise? I know there isn't anything to be done right now but it would help to not feel alone. Thanks


Renee - October 20

Valerie---don't worry. i am going for an u/s today too because at my appt yesterday the nurse could not pick up a h/b on the doppler. I was nervous because i really wanted to hear it but i also have a tilted uterus, tilted towards my b___t, so that makes it more difficult they tell me. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers today as I am laying on that table. I am 12w5d and scared as hell right now. Write back and let me know how it goes or you can email me at [email protected] It's comforting to know that there are other women out there who are experiencing the same thing. You are not alone! Take care!


Valerie - October 20

Thank you Renee! It really helps to know others are experiencing the same thing. Youy will be in my thoughts and prayers as well. I am scare too, and so afraid to tell my DH as he would just worry himself into a whirlwind. I will definitely let you know how it goes, and please let me know as well. It's hard to do right now, but we both need to think positive. Take care and God bless. I'll be in touch.


Renee - October 20

Hi Valerie. I got home a bit ago and wanted to let you know that everything is fine!! I am so excited! I m not as far along as originally thought, I must have ovulated later, so he sized fetus at 11w 1d by the CR size of 42mm. I saw the heartbeating and it was very rea__suring. So far so good!! Please let me know what happens with you, take care.


Valerie - October 20

Hi Renee, That is great! You must feel so relieved. I'm happy for you and pray that everything will be super to the end. Unfortunately, I got bad news. They told me the baby has no heart beat. The size of the phetus put it at about 7 weeks. It was shocking to hear the words come out of the nurse's mouth. All I could do after that was cry, and I got a really good cry in today. They have me scheduled for a DnC tommorrow morning to remove everything. I'm sort of glad it will be done quickly, so we can move on. I keep telling myself it happened for a reason. The body knows when there is something wrong. So, we will keep trying and stay positive. I still have my beautiful little boy, more than many can say. So I trustin God's plan and hope for better news later on. Thank you so much for the support Renee, it really helped me today. I will continue to pray for you, enjoy your special time. It goes by so fast. My son just turned 2, and it feels like it was just yesterday he came into our lives. Take care and God bless. Let me know how it goes...either by the thread or you can email me at [email protected] Take care! :-)


Renee - October 20

Valerie, I am so saddened by your unfortnate news.....i am teary eyed right now. It's always hard when situations like this arise but it just makes us(you) stronger. You are absolutely right that the body knows when there is something wrong. Also, God just decided to have a different plan for that little one. Don't worry, there is another little angel up there that will pick you to be its mommy. I'm also glad that you got a good cry in today too. Our souls cannot move on if we do not grieve for our losses. You are in my thoughts and prayers and here's to tomorrow being another beautiful day. Keep your chin up and look forward to the future!!


Renee - October 21

Valerie, you have been in my thoughts today. Did everything go alright with the D&C? Just want to let you know that I have been thinking about you. Take care.


Valerie - October 24

Renee, Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers. Everything went well. I'm glad it was quick, I was home by lunch. I have been mor focused on moving ahead, staying busy, and not dwelling on it. The weekend went well, spending it with my DH and my 2 year old son. He has really been the light to being positive. We played, cuddled, and laughed. Definitely good medicine. I haven't paid attention to the outside world until today. I dreaded going back to work as everyone feels so bad for me and they all want espress their concern and care. As wonderful as it all is, it makes me feel like I have to keep taking steps back instead of moving forward. I realize that they all mean well and want to offer their definitely doesn't allow me to avoid the issue. LOL. Focusing on the positive definitely has helped to keep my mood even and steady. So we have been moving foward with home projects, enjoying the cooler weather, and preparing for my son's 1st holloween outing....I'm getting excited to see his face when he sees all the other children dressed up as well. Looking forward to X-mas as well. It will be his 1st X-mas that he will be more involved. Renee. I will continue to keep you in prayers tha you and that little one inside will be well and healthy. I hope that if this is the 1st, you will enjoy rediscovering the world with your little on, if its your 2nd or more, than double the fun! Please let me know how your pregnancy goes, and feel free to vent or ask any questions. Even though there are millions of women out there having babies, sometimes you still can feel alone with it. Take care of yourself and that little one. When is the baby due? WHere do you live? Val


Melissa - October 24

Why didn't you ask for a transv____al ultrasound. That type, you can see the heartbeat as early as 6 weeks. But if he only has a doppler, don't worry, 9 weeks IS early for a heartbeat to be detected.


Monique - October 24

At my 11 week appointment ny doc didn't even try to hear the heartbeat--which I expected her to because I read everyone's posts in here. She did do another u/s, but she told me- it's hard to find at 11 weeks and she was going to wait until my next appt. at 15 weeks when it would be "loud & clear". So I wouldn't worry!! Good Luck!


Valerie - October 25

Melissa and Monique. I appreciate the good thoughts, and no disrespect, but in this thread I have already stated that the ultrasound, which was a transv____al, showed no heart beat. I have lossed the baby and had the D and C 4 days ago. Renee has also had her ultrsound and fortunately all went well, and I pray it stays that way! I only point this out as your comments seemed odd after what has already been said in the thread already. I hope your preganacies all go well, and god bless.



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