No Heartbeat 10 Weeks

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Stacie - April 4

I had a u/s 4 weeks ago at 6weeks saw the baby saw the heartbeat,but today at 10weeks could not hear heartbeat with doppler. Dr says could still be too early to hear waiting two more weeks. Should I worry?


lilmum - April 4

definately not. I went in at 11 weeks with my first pregnancy, and couldn't hear the heartbeat with the doppler. I didn't have an u/s before either. When i went in at 15 weeks it was loud and clear. I am rather small and thin too, which made me think i should have been able to hear it, but it depends on a lot of things, like your size, baby's position, uterus position, how noisy your bowels are, how strong your pulse is. There''s nothing to worry about, especially if everything seems fine otherwise, and you've already seen it, you'll have a healthy happy baby in no time!


Misty - April 4

I'll second what lilmum said. It is unusual to be able to hear the heartbeat before 12 weeks. It is also unusual to see it before 8-10 weeks though so it looks like you got very lucky with that one. I'm sure everything is fine, I wouldn't worry at all about that.


Jeanette - April 4

I agree with the other responses. I could not hear a heartbeat at 14 weeks with my first pregnancy. It had to do with the way the baby was situated within my uterus. Good luck.


kim j - April 4

Dont worry........ It should be ok. They say they can hear the heartbeat between 10-12 weeks but sometimes it can be 13 to 14 weeks before it can be heard on the doppler.


S - April 5

Hi Stacie....I have the same opinion. I have that Doppler device at home, rented..and on some days it is very difficult to find HB,some days it is very easy/although dr.,with difficulties detected it at my 10 weeks/. I am 12 weeks now. The baby is sort moving and floating..and when its little heart is turned towards your back,it is literally impossible to hear it this early as you are.If you feel Ok otherwise...there is nothing to worry.


Chantelle - July 7

I agree with everyone else, I had a dr's appointment yesterday, and I am 12 weeks, couldn't pick up the heartbeat, dr said it was still early and I am still small, with hardly a belly, and I have a tilted uterus, so that probably had something to do with it, or the way the baby was positioned, I go back in 2 weeks, they rarely check even at 12 weeks, dr sais that is still a bit early, don't worry, everything will be fine!.


Lia - July 7

Stacie, My girlfriend is an OB/GYN and when I was going in for my 11 week visit I asked her will they check for the heartbeat? (btw, she's not my dr.) She said every doctor is different, put in her practice, she doesn't even check unless you are at least 13 weeks. She said it can cause undue worry. She said that sometimes she can hear it and sometimes she can't so she just waits until there is a greater likelyhood that she can hear it, so she won't worry the mom. I say all this to say... Don't worry. It's perfectly normal.


Sam - July 7

Reading this makes me feel better. I'm right in Stacie's boat....doc appointment today at 10 weeks and no HB, now am waiting to go back in two weeks. She did say my uterus was normal size for 10 weeks, so makes me feel slightly better. And I must still have pregnancy hormones since I can't seem to stop crying since the appointment.


lashunda - July 7

i was just wondering, stacie posted this in april? has anybody heard from her and how everything turned out? i just want to know. thanks.


Sam - July 7

Stacie, any news?


? - July 7

Maybe she's posting on Second Tri board. If this was posted in April. She would be at least 22 weeks by now.


lashunda - July 7

hmm, thats a good point. i hope everything worked out well for her. i'm still in the anxious zone.


natalie - July 8

its actually very difficult to hear a heart beat, it took them 45 minutes to find mine with a sonogram and thats when they could see it. theres so much going on, its fine dont worry


Tracie - July 14

no, I had an ultrasound at 10 weeks, everthing was fine, today went for 12 week checkup, couldn't hear heartbeat. Dr. said everything is ok


Ted - July 22

We went into today for an ultrasound and the OB/GYN told us that they she could not hear a heartbeat. Should we get a second opinion or has anybody had an experience where the doctor was wrong? We had a heartbeat just 2 weeks ago and everything seemed fine. My wife is not having any spotting so I'm just wondering if it was a mistake.


stacey - July 22

Ted, I am so sorry- did they mention anything about the size of the baby? If the size was the correct size, then get a 2nd opinion. If the baby was smaller than it should have been..then I am sorry to say it's probably correct. Was the heartbeat considered "good or normal" when they saw it a few weeks ago? I am sorry to say that the same thing happened to me in January..but when we saw the heartbeat it was slow to begin with, and at 8 weeks the baby only measured 6.5 weeks.



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