No Heartbeat At 7 Weeks Pl Help I Dont Have Much Time

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hannah - December 7

Answer: my sister had a scan today at 7 weeks and they said that as there is no heartbeat then there never will be. she is booked into a d & c tommorow. do you think she should wait i thought that it is possible to see a heartbeat between 7 -8 weeks. the baby is measuring only 1 day smaller than her dates.


L - December 7

PLEASE DON"T HAVE THE D&C!!!!!! Give it a week maybe 2 and please don't rush nature.


tesa - December 7

Don't have the d and c yet ..... as hard as it is let it try naturally my aunt had the same thing happen to her and she refused the d and c turns out she was having twins and lost one of them but i know have a 6 your old cousin named miracle cuz if it weren;t for my aunt she wouldn't be here


Anna - December 10

Hi I dont think your sister should have a D & C because when my sister-in-law was pregnant with her first son the doctor could not find a heart beat until she was nearly 4 months pregnant. Just what L said dont rush nature. Every woman and pregnancy is different.


hannah - December 10

well she had it in the end, the docter told her that there was no chance that the baby would still be alive as it was meauring 9mm with no heartbeat. this was the 2nd miscarraige she has had in 3 months so she felt she couldnt go through it again esp this close to christmas - she has a five year old also so it was easier this way- thanks for all your rplies


Louise - December 10

I say if the baby is there and is growing fine then i would wait. I went for my scan yesterday and she wouldnt let me hear the heartbeat, she just said the heartbeat was great. Still not enough for a worrying mother to be. Sometimes i dont think these doctors understand. Please wait and if everything is fine do something about that doctors att_tude cause if everything is ok then you can put a complaint in.


Claire - December 10

NO way! let her wait another week or two. I started hearing only at 8 weeks, and also some hear it late depending on your built it can sometimes be hard to hear the heartbeat, please dont rush into things, always take a second opinion from another doc, oh my...please, wishing you good luck, all the best,



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