No Heartbeat W Vag U S 6 Wks 1 Day HELP

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LisaMarie - November 16

I had my first visit yesterday. I am 40 yrs old. 3 teens children currently. Ooops. However very happy about the pregnancy. He examined me, didn't say anything neg. Then took me in for an vag u/s. We both saw the baby which he says 6 wks 1 day..however no heartbeat. Set me up for another ultrasound next week and blood test were taken. But what scared me more...told me to prepare myself for a miscarriage. I have had no bleeding. I feel complications whatsoever!...Anyone go thru this? My nerves are shot...overnight! Boy have things changed!


eyebeeablessing2u - November 16

Sometimes they can't find the heartbeat.... It only just started to form ... so you may just be a fe w days behind the normal time it takes for there to be one.. not that there wasn't one detected. because it jsut hasn't formed yet... it would only have 2 chamber from my research so at that stage it would be difficult to detect.. just hope for the best and not for the worst... you are in my prayers... I also posted this info on another thread in First trimester in reply to another concern about no heartbeat found at 5 weeks.. check out that thread as well... I found this reply on and thought it should be posted here... Ultrasound: When can it detect baby's heartbeat? I had an ultrasound at six weeks but it couldn't detect a fetal heartbeat. My doctor said you should be able to detect the heartbeat by six weeks. I've read it "could," not should, be detected by six weeks. Should I be concerned? Peg Plumbo Peg Plumbo has been a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) since 1976 and has a__sisted at over 1,000 births. I sympathize with all of the uncertainty you must be feeling. While I cannot give you absolutes, I can offer general findings on ultrasound and detection of fetal well-being early in gestation. A normal intrauterine pregnancy may be demonstrated by abdominal "pulse echo sonograpy" after only four to five weeks since the last menstrual period (LMP) -- about the same time that most urine tests turn positive. After six weeks, the small white gestational ring is so characteristic that failure to identify it raises doubts about the pregnancy. By careful scanning, distinct echoes from the embryonic poles can be demonstrated within the gestational ring by seven weeks after the last period. Fetal heart must be observed by the eighth week, or the pregnancy is in serious doubt. If the gestational sac appears to be absent, undefined, is unusually small or there are no echoes from the fetus at eight weeks LMP, then it is most likely a blighted ovum (a product of conception that never made it). Vaginal ultrasound is better at detecting very early pregnancy, so if the next one is questionable, I would seek that option. A small probe is placed in the v____a and the ultrasound is done in this manner. Nothing goes through the cervix, however. Take heart, it is too early to worry, but ask about the gestational sac next time as well. I hope all goes well for you.


LisaMarie - November 16

Eyebee...thank you for reading my question and taking the time to answer. Has been a rough 24 hours. The stress levels that is. This is the first time I have found this website. I find it very interesting. I wish everyone on here...a healthy pregnancy...and if all goes well...I will be here atleast another 7 months! Thanks again!


Kristen - November 18

I was three and a half months pregnant in June of this year when I went in to have my regular doctor check up, everything up to then was perfect as could be. Went to my a v____al u/s and both the doctor, myself and the nurse all saw the baby, the baby had growen since last time I was in, just three weeks prior to that, but no heart beat. We sat there for 20 minutes double checking everything possible, but still no heart beat. There was blood flow a little through where the u/s could see it, but still no heart beat. He said that I had a miscarriage from the time that I was last there till the day of my appointment. There was no specific day that he could point out. He said that my body had not completely miscarried and I could miscarry at any time. He mentioned that I could wait until the next week after that, or schedule to have a dnc done the next day. I choose to go ahead with the surgery. This was my first pregnancy and I am 23 years old, great health, and healthy family background. I understand what you must feel like, because I know that it was devistating to me. The doctor told me to wait 1-3 cycles after having the surgery, until I tried again. Now, it is November and I am 2 1/2 months pregnant again. It happened for a reason and I thanked god for letting it happend then and not further down the road. Good Luck in trying again, God Bless!



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