No Hotdogs

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Hot dog lover - June 22

Is it really bad for pregnant women to eat hot dogs? I've eaten a few since I've gotten pregnant.


Andraya - June 22

I don't think it is a good thing to only eat them but i doubt you need to avoid them like alcohol or drugs. just make sure they are cooked fully. I craved them like mad with my son and my ob/gyn just laughed at me for it.


erica - June 22

I ate hotdogs with all 4 of my pregnancies. The only thing I would do is grilled it or just make sure it's very cooked. Same goes for bolonia.


hot dog lover - June 22

Thanks so much for your input. I looked it up online too while I waited for answers and that put my mind at ease as well. It's easy to get carried away with "what not to do while pregnant," since there seem to be sooo may no no's.


Sara - June 22

What about sausages and bratwursts?


Laura - June 22

I have the same questions. I had a big, greasy sausage at a baseball game at 5 wks and will have something similar this weekend at a game at 8 wks. I've mostly been told to watch out for soft cheeses b/c they can be unpasteurized, deli meat...Then someone said that honey is unpasteurized and I said "Forget it. It's the only sweet I'm eating and I like it!" I'm trying to be more careful and stay away from the really well-known stuff, but I keep learning.


erica - June 22

Sausage is okay. Just make sure it's very well done. Honey is very good. The only thing you have to be careful with is raw meats, soft cheese like mexican cheese. I got to tell all I stay away from is alcohol and drugs. I eat a little bit of everything. My doctor said it was okay. As long as you are not having everyday.


Chrisy - June 22

I have been worried about hot dogs as well as bolognie. I didn't start craving them until I became pregnant. It's ironic!! Especially since books say stay away. But I have actually have two hot dogs and some lunch meat. Loving it and feeling bad at the same time!! I just make sure I eat a fruit or vegetable afterwards!!


hot dog lover - June 22

Why is lunch meat bad?



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