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Mrs.Neves - March 12

My husband works but his insurance is outrageous. 800 a month for a family of 4. I am a homemaker!! My husband makes around 3000 a month. so we dont quality for any help.. Does anyone know of any insurance companies who have good rates!! please Help!!


ginger6363 - March 12

hey mrs. I hear ya on the insurance thing. Insurance is a big expense. I can't recommend anywhere to look, but I'd thought I'd throw in that at my dh's previous job it was $800 a month for insurance just for us two.


lisarenee - March 12

Regence Breakthru plans are great coverage and good premiums. Porbably $400.00 or less for a family of 4. You don;t even have to have a referal for a specialist, it is self refering!


charee - March 12

I have ameriplan (and now state ins which pays everything. Ameriplan can save you up to 50% on medical and 70% on dental, chiropractic and other stuff.... its about 50 bucks a month. Its not insurance its a discounted price. go to


sfrog68 - March 12

Mrs. Have you tried to aaply for Medicaid even though your husband makes what he does. I don't know what state you live in but here in Florida they have medicaid for pregnant women. My husband also makes too much for us to get help normally and he was just eligible for insurance after I got pregnant (we just moved and he switched jobs), anyway, I applied and got insurance for just me and the baby. It does not cover my DH or DS but atleast I am not paying for the whole pregnancy out of pocket. JUst a suggestion to look into it. Also before I applied I researched online and there are a couple discount plans you can purchase to help bring the cost of dr and hospital bills down. As charee said ameriplan is a good one. If you have not tried to get help just for you I would do that. Hope that helps some.


jessieb - March 12

hello, i am in the same boat. i just moved in december and my dh and i are starting a business. i was paying my COBRA continuation from my last job. at the end of february i canceled it. we were paying 342 for just me!! one week later, oops, i am prego. i have applied for the medicaid today. being in our situation (showing no income), i should qualify. we will get my husband a policy soon, so that when the baby is born we can add it to that policy right away. i came across some trouble talking to insurance companies last week, i called humana and told them i was pregnant. nope, they said; have a nice day! where as pregnancy is not considered a pre-existing condition; companies can get around it. i am not sure how you go about getting the insurance to cover the pregnancy. anyone else know that?


micorazon - March 12

Hello Mrs. neves, I dont think you can get medicaid when your husbands job offers insurance but I found this thing called the maternity card online where they work out special rates and things with doctors. it may be worth comparing the out of pocket cost with using something like that vs. paying the premiums. I have been looking for something to supplement my insurance. I will have to pay 20% of my hospital stay when I have the baby, and from what Im reading that isnt going to be a small amount :-) Good luck. If I come across anything else while searching for a supplement I will let you know.


Shannie - March 13

If none of this works for you, I know for a fact that you can get maternity care at your local Health Department for free or for a small fee. And that is also if they have a maternity center within the department. Good luck!


Kristin11 - March 13

jessicab i am not sure hwat state you are in but in florida it is against the law for pregnancy to be considered a pre-existing condition. You will want to look into the HIPA for your state to find out if this is the same there.


Mrs.Neves - March 13

Thank you all so much! I am hoping that I qualify for something!!


MrsShelton217 - March 13

That does sound a little high, unless you dont have any deductibles and it pays 100% of everything... which is VERY unlikely. I think I have 66.00 weekly deducted for insurance from my paycheck. That cover 90% of everything, and believe it or not 100% of MATERITY, and 100% of major medical. I don't have Rx coverage though, or dental insurance. I do however have some drug card that they gave me that gives pretty good discounts. I have Blue Cross/Blue Shield of IL. This is something to consider.... EVEN if you don't have insurance, and you don't qualify for help... NO hospital in this world can deny you treatment.... SO even when the medical bills start adding up, you have the right to work out a monthly payment plan w/ the hospital to pay everything off... As far as clinic visits go, and not having insurance...MOST of them will also work payment plans out w/ you... if you need medicines while pregnant, they will most likely give you samples, just make sure you tell the DOCTOR that you dont have insurance if he starts to run tests, write prescriptions, etc... he may can work around some things. Of course, prenatal testing is a MUST, but sometimes when they know u have insurance, they will run different test, that may not be totally nessacery, or beneficial... just talk to them, and keep everyone reminded that you don't have insurance. Even some people that make thousands and thousands a month and HAVE insurance, come to realize that once they are already preggo that they dont have maternity coverage! That happened to me last time! I am still paying off medical bills! Just remember, that stressing over medical bills isnt going to help anything. They cant do anything except ha__sle wanting their money... but as long as you pay even 100.00 a month OR LESS, they cant do a darn thing! OH, BTW... depending on your state, I think MOST states will qualify you and baby for medicaid when ur pregnant... no matter what hubby makes... hubby just wont be covered... I could be wrong about that... but its worth checking into!! Good Luck!



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