No Libido HELP

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Desiree - April 18

Hey everyone, I am currently 9 weeks and 3 days and I was curious if anyone else out there has a problem with their libido since they have gotten pregnant. I have no desire whatsoever to have s_x. My husband is great and he's okay with it, but it frustrates me that it's like the last thing I want to do. Any suggestions from anyone?


Patience - April 18

Just give it a bit. Your body is really going through some changes. I know vomiting, getting heavy, fatigue, constipation, and such really dont turn me on. From what I hear, it's the 4th month that your hormones really begin to pick up and your libido as well so tell hubby / bf to be patient


Lynn - April 18

I'm the same way.. I have NO desire to have s_x. My poor husband went out of town on travel last week & usually when he comes home we get right to business, this time I was just like "Hi" and that was it... I am 7w6d


D - April 21

does no one else have this issue or something!!! yikes!


SRG - April 21

Yep I am 11 weeks today, and I have not had s_x since I found out I was pregnant. I feel so bad, but the way I have been feeling plus I am scared, I just have not had the interest. I heard that by 12 weeks things start to change, so I hope this is the case, because I do feel very badly about it.


RG - April 21

I'm with the rest of you, no s_x drive...this past week the morning when I wake up...I tend to want it a little bit! But it goes away when I get up or go to the bathroom. I've been having weird I wake up that way (I sware if I would have stayed alseep for about 10 more minutes the other morning that I would have gotten some in my dream) he he he... I'll be 11 weeks tomorrow 4/22. I hope it improves!


J - April 21

I am 9wks and 2days and I am s_x drive is soo high, and my hubby's is sooo low. I have to practically beg...ahhh...sooo frusterating.


Gina - April 21

Even before I know I am pg I lose my s_x drive. I dont understand it. I hate it. This is how I feel now. For some reason some women have an increase and some decrease. Blame it on the hormones.


Davida - April 21

This is the first time I have experienced a decrease!!! I am usually hot for 9mos! But this time all I want to do is sleep! I feel so bad that I give him some at least once a week just to ease my guilt!


Brooke Crow - April 21

It is not that I have lost my interest ... I definitely LOVE having s_x with my husband ... but ... I don't know. For some reason I just don't seem to want or need it anymore ... I am tired for one thing and I guess the constant yucky feeling of nausea gets in the way. Oh, and throbbing t_tties, too. Anyway, maybe I am kidding myself ... maybe I have lost interest. That's sad.


Mary28763 - April 12

Libido Enhancer For Women - I received the order and it was on time and the pills work great.



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