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Sandy81 - February 4

Hey Ladies. For those of you who have experienced that "metal" (copper or bloody taste in the early weeks of BFP) can you tell me your experience with it. I've read old topics etc etc but none specifically say anything pertaining to it coming and going. I had it straight for 3 days and never in my life did I have it before then it subsided. Now the only thing I notice about my taste difference is when I drink water (which I am an avid drinker of) it tastes TOTALLY DIFF. Like 100 percent sweet. So I am concerned that the bloody taste went away, sort of, even though it wasn't pleasant. Please respond. Thank you.


sarah21 - February 4

Well I haven't had the copper taste, but I have experienced the sweet tasting water. Sometimes out of nowhere, water tastes really sweet to me. It comes and goes though. I would say the metallic taste leaving is pretty normal, since it's hormonal. As your hormones even out a bit your symptoms should level out.


Sandy81 - February 4

Thanks for sharing Sara. How far along are you and when did the sweet water thing start. How amazing is that something I've never heard of, yet we both experience it.


Sandy81 - February 4

speaking of leveling out... do u suppose shortly after implantation there is a gush of hormones for the body to deal with- thus producing some things that might taper off and return when the HCG levels rise?


Sandy81 - February 4

Aside of the new sense of taste with water (i can actually say its syrupy and sweet) I just relized my nails are so shiny. They've become very hard but today it's as if I have a shiny top coat. It is so facsinating I am hoping these are signs I can obesses over and turn out BFP!


julepowers - February 6

Hi Sandy, I have that too! I am now 10 weeks, almost 11. I had the copper taste for weeks 6-8 on and off. Then it turned itnot just a bad taste. What worked for me was to buy a pack of wintergreen gum. Whenever I get the taste, I put part of a piece of the gum in my mouth and chew it for a few minutes and it helps ease the nausea that the taste causes me. The taste is so gross and drives me crazy! I've heard that it's because of the hormones. Icky!!!!


Sandy81 - February 6

Jule did you also experience the water tasting different? When the bloody taste goes (altho it comes back again now).. I have this sort ot sweet taste mostly when drinking water which tastes totally different now.



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