No Morning Sickness 6 Weeks Pregnant

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Jen - September 12

I was wondering if its normal to not have any nausea yet. I've read that nausea means a healthy pregnancy... I miscarried my first baby in July and am very anxious about this one. Anyone else without nausea?


Monique - September 12

Jen, I'm 6w2d today and my nausea JUST KICKED in this afternoon!! I'm nauseous right now and it sucks!! lol. My best friend didn't get sick with either of her kids....maybe you're just one of the LUCKY ONES!!


Jodi - September 13

Hi, I had a m/c back in may and was very concerned about that too, but I will be 8 weeks on wednesday and right around 7 weeks I started to get the morning sickness, I wasn't actually getting sick, but very very nauseous. I have been sick/vomiting twice now, it sucks, but makes me feel so much better as I'm sure that is what you are looking for, but don't worry give it another week or so and see how you are feeling then. You did know that being nauseous is also considered as morning sickness right? I didn't until I started reading about it and feeling sick and actually getting sick are both called morning sickness. I hope this helps you out some. Good Luck and God Bless!!!


Amanda - September 13

hi Jen, I have been concerned about the same thing! I have been nauseous maybe twice and I am almost 8 weeks.Maybe pay attention to other symptoms you may have...peeing a lot....fatigue....sore b___sts..Not all women get sick, I guess we are lucky huh?


Stephanie - September 13

Hi ladies, Jen you do not have to have morning sickness during your pregnancy. My mother never had morning sickness and had 2 healthy girls- me and my sister! I am 5 1/2 weeks and besides being tired I feel great. Please do not worry.


natalie - September 13

hello there, i haven't had any... and i'm 8 weeks! might set in though! Don't worry just glad you haven't got it!!


HG - September 13

Jen- my mother told me that when she was pregnant with me.....she hardly had any symptoms, and absolutely no nausea. I was born a very healthy baby, and my mom had no complications, so I think you are probably fine. be thankful you are having such an easy time.


beth - September 13

i was lucky not to have sickness. i even asked my doc. and he said i should feel blessed. im now 13 weeks pregnant. every now and then i feel a little nauseaus but it goes right away. im sure u r fine.


Ashley - September 26

Well i just started having nausea about 2 weeks ago. Let me tell you it is horrible. This is the only thing i hate about being pregnant.


jolly - September 26

Hello Ladies......i ha my LMP on 18 aug and have a 30/31 day cycle my af should have been 18/19 sep but it hasnt showed up yet.............i am 7 days late i tested twice when i was 1 day and 5 days late but bot turned out negative.......i dont know whta to think.......i have no symptoms except swollen bbs and tiredness......pls advice me what to do..........thanks in advance


natalie - September 26

Hi Jolly, i think you should wait a few more days and then test again. I just knew i was and then i tested and i was. Let me know if pos x


natalie - September 26

hi jen i haven't yet and im 9 weeks! I was pregnant a few years ago but aborted as i was to young, and i was very sick then but not now. That is rubbish about it meaning healthy are you hungary? (that is a good sign if the baby position right etc...) try not to worry and enjoy! x x


L. Delarso - September 26

This is my 3rd pregnancy (7weeks) and I have never been sick or nauseous with any of the pregnancy's Both babies where healthy.


shannon - September 26

Jen, I am at 5 wks. and have not felt sick yet. The only symptoms I have been having are sore bbs and fatigue (esp. at night). I wouldn't worry, I read somewhere that only 60% of pregnancies experience nausea.


Suebecca - September 27

No sickness here either, but I'm still pretty early along... only 5 weeks. The only symptoms I've experienced are bloating, being extremely tired and crampy.


Jessica - September 27

Don't worry:) I was also very worried at the beginning because my mother (of all people) told me she was not nauseous before her m/c and was very sick with her two healthy babies. Well, that threw me right into a freak-out and I had to ask the doctor and consult all studies. I am a healthy 12 weeks and still no nausea or vomitting. Your may be one of the lucky ones! Have fun!


Stacey - October 1

Jen, I'm 8 weeks pregnant & have no morning sickness either. I think everything will be just fine, I believe we are just very lucky!!!!



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