No Morning Sickness

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Shellden80 - April 30

Hello I am 9 weeks pregnant tomorrow and I have had no morning sickness at all. Should I be worried or count myself lucky? I have read on certain sites and they say the more sickness the healthly baby?? Thanks


Erynn21 - April 30

I wouldn't worry I had no morning sickness and am 22 wks. with a healthy little girl. You are lucky, not everyone gets it, so feel blessed and good luck with your pg. P.S. I have had nothing but a very easy time, and my baby is measuring ahead of schedule a few days.


ElizabethAnn - April 30

I wouldnt worry about it!! I didnt have any morning sickness untill 10 weeks!!!! Now im naucious alllll day long, but no throwing up!!! and yes, count yourself lucky! i dont believe all that stuff about the more sickness the healthier the baby, my best friend NEVER EVER got sick not even naucious and she had a perfect little girl who's now almost 3 years old!! So dont let any of that scare you sweety!!!!! Happy Pregnancy! :)


mandee25 - April 30

This question also helped me out as I heard the same thing about more sickness, healthier baby. I have had "all day nausea" from week 4-10 approx and now its basically non existent so count your lucky stars that you have had no morning sickness. It's no fun at all!


snugglybugglys - April 30

This is my 4th pregnancy and I have never had morning sickness with any of them. So I say count yourself lucky! :) My babies are all very healthy.


olivia - April 30

i think they say it to make the sick mommies feel better but it just make the not sick mommies feel like something is wrong!I had severe sickness with my first and just slight nausea with my second (so far). I wouldn't worry. Maybe it means you are having a boy...


zara06 - April 30

I wouldnt worry too much, i'm 5 weeks pregnant and have had no morning sickness whatsoever. I can still eat anything i want.Dont even feel pregnant. MY mum was the same with her three children.


AudreyC - May 1

I'm 12 weeks and have only had a bit of queasiness from time to time but no nausea. I'm watching my diet carefully and avoiding acidic foods and drinks that might upset my stomach. V8 juice unfortunately is on my "off" list right now because it gives me heartburn.


Steff - May 1

I'm 6 weeks today and haven't had any nausea. I'm sure it's coming though.



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