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Melissa - October 18

I've read that morning sickness (as miserable as it can be) is a sign of a healthy pregnancy. Would this mean that the absence of nausea indicates a less healthy pregnancy? I'm wondering because I have not had any nausea (or br___t tenderness) whatsoever. I am entering my 8th week.


Jenn - October 18

I don't know how mcuh of that is actually true, but I didn't hardly any morning sickness with my first and had a healthy pregnancy. I have only had nausea 2-3 times so far (6weeks) so I hope that it's not true. I really think it is an old wives tale.


Pam - October 18

If you have no morning sickness then you are lucky - it makes no difference in regards to the health of the baby and pregnancy. Western medicine says morning sickness is good but Eastern medicine says that it is due to an imbalance somewhere. So bottom line: you will hear both sides. Try not to worry and enjoy. A friend of mine had NO sickness and ate what she wanted and she is doing just great at 32 weeks....


Emma - October 19

i've just been posting elsewhere on this board my experience so hope people don't get sick of reading it! I also am in my 8th week and was very concerned about my lack of morning sickness and b___st tenderness. I had a scan yesterday and it confirmed my fear, that the embryo was measuring only 5 weeks, coinciding with the time my b___bs stopped hurting (they were tender weeks 3-5). I'm not saying you're having the same experience, plenty of women don't get the nausea, but do get a scan if it'll make you feel better. I'm glad I found out now rather than at my first scheduled scan at 12 weeks. I haven't had any spotting, etc. and don't know when natural miscarriage might occur. If it isn't by next week, I'm getting a D&C. good luck.


To Emma - October 19

I'm really sorry to hear about your situation. It must be very hard for you. I have already had ultrasounds and at my last one, we found the heartbeat. That was taken at 6 weeks. I am not worried that my b___st have stopped hurting, I was concerned because they never hurt in the first place! So since I was hearing that as what appeared to be the most common experience, I was concerned that it meant something that my b___sts are not sore at all. Again, I am really sorry to hear about the miscarriage.


T - October 19

I have had two healthy kids and I never had any morning sickness. Nothing to worry about I promise!


natalie - October 19

wow - you ladis are pretty lucky. This is my 3rd day staying home from work because I hadn't been able to keep anything down until supper tonight (yippy!) I'm 9 1/2 weeks so hopefully this will be the worst of it.


Linda - October 20

I'm 8 weeks today and have very few symptoms. My b___sts are bigger, I have vivid dreams each night... and every now and then I get a headache and my stomach feels a bit upset. (which I can usually control with small regular meals and enough rest.) I, too, was really worried about this lack of symptoms (since I miscarried in June) so my doctor sent me for an ultrasound at 7 weeks. We saw a strong heartbeat! It's not a guarantee that everything will be fine, of course, but it's good evidence for the fact a pregnancy can proceed quite normally without a lot of symptoms. I hate to jinx myself, but I think we're the lucky ones.


Marsha - October 20

I am at the beginning of my 8th week, and I did not have nausea until the 7th week. It has been pretty bad for the last 7 to 10 days. I have not had any vomiting, but definately had the nausea. I dont think its a good or bad thing to have nausea. Its just different bodies responding to the pregnancy hormone differently. good luck to all!!


Jay - October 20

My morning sickness started in my 7th week. I was nauseous all day and throwing up 2-3 times a day. In my 11th week there were 2 days where I thought I was going to die and then the next day.....POOF it was gone. Hormones are wierd.


MM - October 20

I am 29 wks pg and never had morning sickness. I did not have it with my 1st pg either. Dont worry we dont all get morning sickness.


Jodie - October 26

Oh I feel so much better. You always hear about people being really sick with morning sickness. I am 7 weeks and have felt alittle 'mild' neasea but no morning sickness. I really thought thinks it 'wasn't normal' not to be sick!


Tess - October 26

Not all pregnancies are the same. Some does exp. morning sickness and some doesnt. Don't base it whether you get morning sickness or not. Your pregnancy depends on you. Eat healthy and stay positive :P



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