No Morning Sickness Does That Mean Miscarriage

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concerned - November 6

i have just found out that i am 5 weeks pregnant but i am very worried because i have been told that if you dont suffer from morning sickness you are more likely to miscarry. i do suffer from alot of tiredness in the afternoon my br___ts are very sore and enlarged and i am constantly on the toilet. i have already had 3 babys and constantly suffered morning sickness with them and they are all girls. could this be a sign that i am having a baby boy. please i need advice i am very worried.


ray - November 6

YES it does and before all you ladies jump in and tell me i am wrong me and friend got pregnant at the same time and i had bad morning sickness and i ended up with a girl my friend didn't have any sickness she just felt sick and she had a BOY all of our kids are the same age like her eldest daughter is nearly 7 so is mine and her youngest daughter is 3 and so is my daughter but the third time around i have a 8 month old daughter and she has a 5 month old son but my daughter was 10 weeks premature hope this helps love ray xxx


W - November 6

I disagree sorry, everybody is different, I can truely say that my friend was sick throughout all 3 pregnancies and had 3 BOYS!!! SO not everyone is the same. Morning sickness comes and goes, doesn't necca__sarrily means ur goin to have a girl or boy. It's how ur body reacts to progestrone, some women have it bad some don't. I think I am having a boy and I have non stop been sick but reaching week 9 has calmed down! So my advice is dont think it's all over yet my dear!!!


E - November 6

There is no scientific proof to suggest the s_x of the baby by how sick you feel. Old wives tales at best. I am having a boy and was extremely ill during the first 3 months.


concerned - November 7

when you dont have morning sickness does that increase your chance of miscarriage


W - November 7

No it doesn't you would now if you were goin to miscarry if u start to bleed, like i said b4 morn sickness comes and goes. You may not get it now till wekk 7/8, coz thats wot happened to me. Stop stressing if u bleed then consult ur doctor.


Guni - November 7

Don´t worry about not suffering of morningsickness....It shouldn´t start until week 6 anyway...if you get it at all...not everybody does.But has your sense of smell gotten better?Everything smells...bad or stronger? It definitely doesn´t mean you are having a boy,,just because you are not having morning sickness.


Diane - November 8

Dont worry-I did not start to get morning sickness untill my 7th week and I am having a little boy!Boy or girl will not affect morning sickness-I am now 14 weeks and am just starting to get over my sickness.


concerned - November 9

how do you know youre having a boy when youre only 14 weeks pregnant.


Audrey - November 9

To concerned, by the 12th-13th week of pregnancy the s_x of the baby can be determined by an ultrasound exam.


Kelley - November 9

My sister had no morning sickness and had 2 healthy girls.


concened - November 20

well i am now 7 weeks pregnant and still not having any morning sickness. i am now really worried because with the girls i was sick all the time. i do sometimes wake in the morning and feel a little sickly but it does go quite quick. i have also got a strong feeling that i am having a boy. does anyone believe that the woman knows what she is having before it is confirmed.


to concerned - November 24

sit back and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy, it will be fine.


Audrey - November 24

I am 13 weeks and had thought I was one of the lucky few to not have the nausea and vomiting. The other day after having an ultrasound my doctor said that I might have a false pregnancy because the womb is too small for my anticipated due date plus I haven't been sick. It's going to be an agonizing two weeks to wait before I see him again for a follow-up exam.


Lisa - November 24

Don't worry. Doctor told me that about 40% of women do not suffer from pregnancy related illness/pains. You may be one of the lucky ones.


M - June 2

I say leave it in the Lords hands and he will take care of everything. God it so Great!


jennifer - June 3

Hi, I never really had morning sickness either. My mom told me just wait it will hit you at 6 weeks. Well at 6 weeks I did have some occasional nausea for about 2 weeks but thats it. No vomiting. I am now 12 weeks and I feel great. I think some of us just don't get it and like you it did freak me out. But I'v had several ultrasounds and the baby is healthy and growing. I think you may just be lucky this time. Or maybe it will hit you in a week or two. (who knows mom might be right.)



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