No Period But Pregnant How Far Along Could I Be

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ashpash33 - June 7

I haven't had a period for 4 months, but just got pregnant. I didn't think I could ovulate without a period... How can I determine my due date without a last menstrual date to go off of?


tritty - June 7

it's going to be hard to say until you can see your doctor. at an ultrasound they should be able to get an idea of how far along you are.... no period for 4 months..... are you sure you're not more than 4 months pregnant?


ksmom - June 7

hey ashpash, i just had a m/c, but i didnt get my period for 4 months then became pregnant. but i would wait for an ultrasound to find out how far along you were........that how i found out was throu ultrasound at 8 weeks......good luck and congrats :)


flower.momma - June 7

That just happened to a friend of mine. She stays really small during pregnancy, so she doesn't know if she's 5 months or 2 months along. She is going to the doctor to find out. They can find out how far along you are by feeling how high your uterus is, but they will probably do an ultrasound to make sure. Good luck.


DownbutnotOUT - June 7

I had my period once every 4 months for 1-2 days like clockwork. I found out I was pregnant at around 14 weeks! During the 4 months I would ovulate about two times. The go by the dates given by the first ultrasound but until than they go by the LKMP. Congrads on ur good news and take care XoX


BriannasMummy - June 8

Im in the same boat as you. They have felt my stomach for my uterus to see how high up it was to be able to tell, however they said that wasnt very accurate. I am waiting ever so patiently for my first ultra sound (which is in 1 week and four days) I believe thats how they will be able to get accurate information with your due date. I hate not knowing so I know how you must feel. Im crossing my fingers, that you get an u/s faster then i did!! Good luck and CONGRATULATIONS!!!



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