No Real Pregnancy Quot Symptoms Quot Yet

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ezwaggy - May 9

Other than having to pee all the time I don't have symptoms yet. No br___t tenderness, morning sickness. I'm in week 6 and my 1st appointment is in 2 weeks. I heard women without morning sickness have a higher incidence of mc. Should I be worried?


frankschick2001 - May 9

I would not be too worried. I mean, I know you'll worry, but just don't obsess over it. It is still early for you. My morning sickness started at exactly 6 weeks, 2 days, and has not gone away yet, so for now, consider yourself lucky.


Erynn21 - May 9

I didn't have morning sickness and I can attest that I am a very pregnant 23wks. I have heard that too, but I know a lot of women who have had healthy babies who were never, ever sick. It is okay, you're peeing all the time so you must have okay hormone levels. I wouldn't worry too much, but it is kinda a scary time. Don't be obsessive about the worry, and consider yourself lucky you may never get m/s .


MuzikGurl - May 9

I didn' t get mornign sickness until a few days ago and I am now 9 weeks 1 day and my dr. said it's normal for some women to get it and others not to...just like a period...I mean some women have one every other month and others have it every month...and some such as myself barely had one a year and I'm still, I wouldn't worry too much about it I mean, I worried about it too when I was about 6-7 weeks and I didn't hardly have any symptoms but now that I do I wish I didn't...but ur ok. if it makes u worry that much ask ur dr. about it. Take care and good luck!


Jennifer123 - May 10

I'm 7 1/2 weeks now and have only had a little nausea every now and then. It also makes me worry but I saw the doctor on Monday and he said to be glad that I have it so easy right now. He also said there is still plenty of time for it to show up :)


LINZ - May 11

Hi, I am 12 wks pregnant and I have had NO sign of m/s! I am counting myself lucky rather than worrying about it, afterall, every pregnancy is different. I am a little worried though as I have not heard the heartbeat as yet and don't really 'feel' pregnant?! Have my u/s scan tomorrow though, so I will find out if everything is ok and keep you informed! Congratulations by the way! x


les22 - May 11

i never had morning sickness and i have got to 13 weeks. i think its just a rather horrible old wives tale.


ezwaggy - May 13

Thanks everyone for your responses! I've been feeling waves of nausea that pa__s but of course now I'm wondering if they're psychosomatic - I'll wait and see. :)


im_danielle_hi - May 15

ok i have come on to this forum cos i know most of you girls are pregnant or have been pregnant. Here goes i am not due my af till 22nd May 2006 and i am on cd 24 and 9 days after ovualtion but yesterday 23 May i started bleeding brownish blood then it turned to pinkinsh red could this be implantation bleeding ? did anyone you you ladies experience this when you were pregnant anyone who can help is much appreciated thank you


amethyst_dragonfly - May 16

Danielle, I'm not an expert (current not pregnant); but honey, if your AF isn't due for another week and you're spotting, my advice is to wait until May 22 and take a HPT. I tell you this because, although there are "sensitive" pregnancy tests, you should atleast wait until the first day of your missed period (which I'm willing to bet will NOT show up) to test-- just to avoid the ever-confusing "false negative". Good luck!


kellyanne_2006 - May 16

amethyst_dragonfly thank you and i was going to test on saturday but i will wait now until monday hopefully its a bfp and ill keep you informed of the results thanks for answering



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