No Real Symptoms At 5 Weeks Is That Normal

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c2beaudoin - December 11

I am 5 weeks pregnant today and so far the only symptoms I have are extremely sore and hard br___ts and frequent urination. My br___ts have gone up a whole cup size almost. I don't have any morning sickness. Also, normally they say you should be tired and I seem to have insomnia where I sleep for 2-3 hours and then wake up and can't fall back asleep. Has anyone else experienced this? This is also my first pregnancy. Any advice would be great :)


mrose - December 11

You have to remember that everyone is different, so our symptoms may vary. You are having symptoms though that's the important thing. Tender b___st and frequent urination are common symptoms that early. I am almost 8 weeks and have those plus the very tired. The insomnia may be that you are so excited that your brain won't stop running with all the new things to think about so it's interfering with sleep. This is my second pregnancy, with my daughter at this point I had morning sickness, morning noon and night, it was horrible lasted for 8 months! I couldn't keep ANYTHING down! Believe me, if you can get away without the morning sickness ou are doing good. I've been very fortunate this go around and only had slight nausea, no actual being sick though. I noticed my symptoms increased around 7 weeks, I would give it some time, it's still very early. They said the placenta attaches between 6 and 7 weeks, and that is what causes alot of your symptoms. I hope this helps, and hope all goes well. Keep us updated!


llmommy - December 15

Very normal! In the past, I've had cramping, headaches, and all sorts of things at 4 weeks, then hardly any symptoms at 5. For me, the morning sickness usually sets in at 6 weeks, and is a continual reminder of the pregnancy until anywhere from 14 to 20 weeks. Believe me, it's a symptom that I'd just as soon skip! I am often tired in the first few weeks, but this time it seemed to hit later. As for the insomnia, I sometimes get that as a hormone related thing, so I wouldn't be surprised if that itself is a symptom for you. It's the same at the end, I hear: some women have spurts of energy and "nesting," while others are just exhausted and want to sleep all the time.


hoping4bpf - December 19

I am about 5 weeks and I have cramping, sore b___sts and thats pretty much it. I have not had the fatigue set in that bad....and no nausea at all. My friend is now 7 months pregnant and she felt completely fine until about 8 weeks and that is when the nausea set in. So I think it is very different for everyone.


c2beaudoin - December 19

Thanks for the feedback. I keep thinking I can't be this lucky and have no morning sickness so I keep thinking it's going to hit me any day now. I am 6 weeks and still my symptoms are frequent urination and sore b___sts. My hunger comes in spurts, one second I'll be full and maybe one hour later it feels like I haven't eaten in 8 hours lol. If I don't eat I feel nauseous, so maybe I do have a little morning sickness but in the other way, where I feel sick when my stomach is empty, when I eat I feel better. Till the heartburn kicks in haha. But so far I love being pregnant and I can't wait to see an ultrasound of our baby, but that won't be for awhile. My first midwife appointment is Jan 6th when I'll be 8 weeks.


sunshine7610 - December 21

I had no symptoms till I was 6 wks. That was when the morning sickness hit and the tiredness. Around 8 or 9 wks, I started waking up super early and not being able to go back to sleep and around 10-11, I started having to pee all the time. I still do and am now at 12 weeks. It's so neat how at certain time lines, a new symptom will just kick in. The morning sickness has now fizzled out, just a few times every now and then I feel a little c___ppy. But everybody is different and everybody's body reacts differently too. It's pretty exciting though!


c2beaudoin - December 22

My morning sickness kicked in yesterday, it was mild, and when I woke up this morning it was slightly worse. I feel really c___ppy but it's all worth it. I would rather just throw up than have this sickly feeling all day long ughhh... I'm sure if I was throwing up I would think the other is better haha.


lilly74 - December 24

I can understand your concern as I am 5 weeks and have many symptoms...however maybe your just plan lucky:) remember every womens chemestry is different. Is this your first child? becasue with my first born I didnt have many at all. I wouldnt worry ok:) hahaha sounds way to hard to do but I am sure all is fine. If you are indoubt call your doctor..God bless


austynsmommy - December 27

With my last two pregnancies I didn't get morning sickness until week 8 and that is when it hit me really bad. Congrat's to you ladies on your pregnancies. I just had my little one on the 16th of this month.


Ca__sieSong - January 27

You actually do have symptoms- you said your b___sts are sore. That is a very common symptom. I didn't have ANY symptoms at first with my dd. Never had sore b___bs till the third trimester. So, I'd say be happy you're feeling great. :-)



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