No Sac Or Embryo HELP PLEASE

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Janelle - June 1

I posted a message earlier today but for some reason I'm not able to read the responses I recieved so if you could please email me at [email protected] with your replies. On Friday May 27th I took a test and it was positive but the line was very faint but still visible. On Saturday morning May28th I took another test it was also positive but still the line was faint. On Monday 30th I took another test this time a digital one and it said pregnant. I was thrilled!!! Today is Wednesday June 1st and I has very very very light cramping and lower back pain the pain was very light almost like I was going to have my period. May last period was Around April 22-25 and I missed my period in May. I'm not bleeding or spotting at all. So I got in to my OB to have a ultra sound When she did it there was no sac or embryo nothing just a black screen. She checked my tubes to see if they were tender but ther were fine. So she sent me to get blood work to see what my HCG level was and it was 359. Do you think its just way to early for anything to show up in the ultra sound? This is my first pregancy I dont know anything about being pregnant. How far along would I be from the dates I gave above?? Has this happened to anyone else?? Do you think it's just to early? I got back Friday for another blood test. Please help if you have any answeres. Please send all responses to my personal email address because I have been unable to read anyone responses. Thank you J [email protected]


Stacy - June 2

well the same thing pretty much happened to me they did my blood work and they did double up every 58 hours or so...they should double within 2 to 3 first ultrasound was may 13 and they didnt see anything so they told me it could possibly be an ectopic pregnancy...that totally freaked me out...then i did another ultrasound may 31 and they finally found a baby and its where its supposed to be...good luck!!!



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