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Chris23 - May 25

Just called my dr. because of some spotting and she said not to worry unless it's bright red or accompanied by cramping BUT she said "no s_x". DH is going to love this... I haven't told him about the spotting yet because I know he'll make a big deal of it - which will only make me feel worse than I already do. I don't know how to avoid telling him now. He's going to wonder why I'm avoiding intimacy with him. This sucks...


ezwaggy - May 25

Well if he's anything like my hubby he's going to feel a lot better about the "rejection" from you if he knows it's not his fault (he can't do anything about the spotting). And there are other things you can do in the meantime. I have a question - do you know if you are also supposed to avoid orgasm? I know that little contractions occur when you do, but I'm not sure if their in the uterus or lower ot what.


AshleyB - May 25

I agree with ezwaggy. You should tell him because if you don't then he may just think you're not attracted to him anymore and it could cause more problems for the two of you. If he knows its dr's orders then he won't get bummed at the rejections. Good luck, hope the spotting ends soon.


Chris23 - May 26

I told him and he was fine. As for the orgasm thing, I've read that you should avoid it but my doctor didn't mention it. I'm going to avoid it anyway - just to be safe. Still have the spotting today (worse than yesterday). I really hope it stops because it's starting to really freak me out. I have my u/s today so hopefully everything is okay. I had a dream last night that I went and the doctor couldn't find the baby. Strange. It's really beginning to mess with my head.


Kira_lynn - May 26

Ahhh ha! Yes i have the same problem. Bleeding at 5wk3d then at 8w3d then i stopped having s_x (docs orders) and it went away. I did have an orgasam tho and I had brown spotting AGAIN. So i'd say no to orgasam. I saw my baby at 8wk3d and they saw that i had a small sac of blood. Its called Subchorionic Bleeding. 90% of 1st trimester bleeding is this, but the names scary so docs dont usually tell you the name. The first two times were 24 hours after s_x and it was a "stream" of red blood in the toilet and then nothing not even spotting after. The last time was brown blood and lasted 4 days of spots here and there. My hubby doesnt mind, i still pay attention to him in other ways. Chris23, how did you're u/s go??


Chris23 - May 26

Haven't had the u/s yet - will have this afternoon. am panicing tho because blood has now gone from brown to brownish-red. Feel sick to my stomach over this. Just wish the day would hurry up so that I can get the u/s done and have some answers.


voilet06 - May 26

aww chris my prayers out for you! try and calm down- listen to music or watch tv (if you are home) know that u aren't alone though! hopefully u will see the heart beat and everything will calm down! take care!


Nell143 - May 26

Chris I am sorry hun I am sure it will all be ok. Let us know how the appointment goes. My prayers are with you and ur little bean.


ezwaggy - May 31

Chris 23 how did everything go?


Chris23 - May 31

ezwaggy - Went for the u/s on Friday and measured 6w3d but no heartbeat. Bled heavily on Friday night (with cramps). Went to the ER on Sunday and was told that my cervix was open and I was misscarrying. Have to go for another u/s this Friday to confirm things. Wating for my first post-m/c period so that we can start all over again...


ezwaggy - May 31

Oh I'm so sorry. I don't know what else to say but take care I hope everything works out the next time around.



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