No Sickness

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erin - August 26

i'm already around 6 weeks pregnant and i havent had any nausea or vomiting! i feel just fine! i have no symptoms of pregnancy except for br___t tenderness and thats already starting to go away! also i have a very dull cramping sometimes in my uterus but how come i havent gotten nausea like i'm supposed to? i'm worried that my baby might be dead inside of me!


Christina - August 21

Some people don't get sick at frist. Who's to say you won't be later. Good luck


Angela - August 22

I am 17 weeks, and I was never sick, never had vomiting or headaches. No symptoms of being pregnant. But now I have headaches 3-4 times a week and some foods make me sick now. I hope the best for you, but enjoy it while you can it might not last!!!!!!


Boomgirl - August 26

Hey, I am 11 weeks now and I didnt have even the slightest morningsickness. My b___sts are sore but not always. I too have uterine cramping and I feel little nauseated in the evening... and sleepy in the evening. but no morning sickness. I am also wondering if its normal and it looks like we are the lucky ones....and this is normal...


Katie - September 14

Not everyone gets sick. Consider yourself one of the lucky ones!!


Melissa - September 15

here is what alot of people have told me. If your having a boy you have morning sickness. But, if your having a girl you don't because a girl would not do that to her mommy. Before I even knew I was preg w/ my son I was sick 3-6 times aday when I went to the dr I found out I was pregnant. Now I'm almost 2 months and no sickness at all. But of course that does not mean you or I won't. Both of my sisters were the same, very sick w/ the boys not sick w/ the girls. Either way Good Luck and congrats


812 - September 15

my best friend juss found out she was 2 months and 3 weeks preggy and she said she didnt feel a thing. she said she had ONE missed period and her boyfriend noticed that her b___sts were growing, she didnt think they were.


Sunshine - September 29

Hi Erin, When did you write your question? Is there any change. I'm 5.5 weeks now and don't feel anything except for mild cramping. My b___bs were a bit sore around the time I was suppose to get my period but not anymore. I'm really worried because I had mc a few months ago. Did anyone exprience the same ???


Abi - October 1

Hi and congratulations. Obviously you're a little bit further on in your pregnancy now but I just wanted to say that I too have had no symptoms what-so-ever and I'm 4 weeks. I know that's early but with my first child, I was sick from day one. However, and this is my point, each and every pregnancy is different and no two are the same for a woman. Just because some people are sick, doesn't mean you should be. My sister-in-law was never sick, all she really had were the sore b___bs and she's due to have her baby at the end of this month and it's doing great. I know it's easier said than done (being in a similar situation) but it's best to try not to worry and be glad your not being bogged down with loads of horrible syptoms - enjoy your pregnancy honey and good luck!!



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