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jan - December 7

I am 6 weeks pregnant and experiencing no symptoms. I don't go to the doctor for the first time until January when I am 10 weeks. Should I be worried?


Tesa - December 7

No some women don't get any symptoms at all my cousin didn't get even one. ,,,, So enjoy it....Congrats


shona - December 8

Hi Jan - I am also 6 weeks and dont have symptoms apart from the odd cramp in my tummy and tender b___sts. I too was worried but was rea__sured by women on here. Not everyone has symptoms. (We're just the lucky ones!) Good Luck


Lisa - December 8

I did not have any symptoms until my 8th week. My Dr. said about 40% of women will not have the typical symptoms of pregnancy.


Shona - December 12

I am 7 weeks and only started to have symptoms. I have symptoms of nausea, went of certain foods and feel really tired all the time. Good Luck


k - December 12

i didn't have any symptoms when i was pregnant. and i now have a very healthy 2 year old. We are just Lucky. Everyone tells me how lucky i was and that it wasn't fair because they had symptons bad. So enjoy a symptom free pregnancy. Good Luck with the little one


Louise - December 13

I didnt get symptoms till i was 6 weeks and 6 days. Count yourself lucky as its horrible feeling ill all the time but bloody worth it. Believe me you wont feel 100% all the time though. Youll be fine


Meg - January 10

I am about six and a half weeks pregnant and also have hardly any symptoms. My b___sts have been quite tender, although they're feeling much better now and I'm worried because they are not as sore as they were, that something is wrong. Am I being paranoid?


Beth - January 10

I am 5 weeks pregnant and have had no symtoms at all either. I am tired as can be at work, but that is because I cannot sleep at night for some reason.


Jennifer - January 26

I am also 6 weeks pregnant and have VERY FEW symptoms. I have tender b___sts occasionally and that is it. Everyone tells me that I am just lucky! Congrats!


Tabatha - February 20

Well I feel better after reading this page I will be 7 weeks pregnant tomorrow and have no symptons, well apart from my b___sts they have enlarged slightly but that is it! so I guess we are lucky then!! I wish you all well x


Maleficent - February 20

the only symptoms i had my first time were missing my period and carrying a kick boxer in my belly. lol, it was great! the second time, not so lucky. and this time....whoah! there are days i cant get out of bed. if your having an easy time of it, enjoy!!!!! you might not be so lucky next time.


lyn - February 20

I am 9 weeks and i have only one b___bs hurt. After hearing stories from people at work i concider myself very lucky and you should too.


ekay - February 20

I am about 10 weeks after a m/c in July. I had an u/s about 2 weeks ago and everything looked fine. I have had NO symptoms as well. I guess every pregnancy is different, even if it is with the same person! Good luck to all you worried mommies-to-be. Try and relax.


Jen - November 25

I am 5 weeks pregnant and have no symptoms either. At 5 weeks with my 1st pregnancy I had sore b___sts and just felt pregnant. This one I feel normal. I am a little worried but I guess every pregnancy is different. We shall see.


adaeliah - November 27

my first pregnancy the only symptoms i had were tender b___sts and irritability. im not sure if im preg again but ive been having a brown discharge ever since the day af was due 5 days ago (no sign of af though) i have no preg signs. i tested a faint pos this arvo. bearly visible (has not convinced me yet) so some of you havent even experienced sore b___bs? becasue mine arent sore, but im hoping i am still in with a chance of being pg. i guess no period is a good sign...?...xx good luck to everyone!!!



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