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amanda103 - January 9

I'm 5wks and so far I haven't really had any pg symptoms yet. I felt a little crampy on and off before, but other than that, nothing else, not even sore bbs. Not that I want to be miserable, but I've had 2 early m/c within the past year and I'm starting to worry. Anyone else with no symptoms yet? When do they usually start to surface?


Chantill - January 9

Becareful what you wish for!! I was 5 weeks and hadn't had any symptoms!! Than at 5 weeks and 1 day it hit me like a ton of bricks! I'm sick all day and that is when my bb started getting sore. I was tired and moody. But it lasted only a week and I was nervous cause I thought it would last longer then that. I had 3 really good days but then this morning it was back. Just hang in there. Maybe your one of the lucky ones and won't have morning sickness!!


Erin K - January 9

So Chantill, yours came, went away and came back? I have had symptoms off and on, but now they have been gone for a whole day. It's possible they will return??? I am so nervous. Any advice or rea__surance would be appreciated.


Chantill - January 9

I felt great this weekend on morning sickness, didn't gag when I brushed my teeth or nothing. Then this morning got ready for work and ate a piece of toast and gaged gaged. But now I'm at work eating oatmeal so I don't know. I'm just tired now not sick to my stomach. So being pg is so weird!!! Good luck Erin!!


amanda103 - January 9

Chantill, you might be right. I might be wondering what the heck I was thinking if m/s sets in. But I'm just worried that because of no symptoms that this might be #3 for me (m/c). I have a dr appt this Friday (because of my history they're doing an early u/s) so hopefully I'll get some good news:)


chantill - January 9

Good luck amanda and let us know how everything goes!!


Kristina - January 9

I will be 6 weeks on Wednesday and the only symptom I have is sore nipples, which just started today. My son is 2 1/2 and that is the only symptom I ever had with him too, so try not to worry to much. Good Luck!


meg - January 9

I will be 5 weeks tomorrow, & also have zero symptoms. Every now & then I have very mild cramping (like AF is coming) but that's about it. I keep touching my bbs to see if they are sore...I think that I'm making them sore because they hurt just a tiny bit! :) I'm with you Amanda, I don't want to be sick all of the time, but it would be nice to have least sore bbs or heartburn!


amanda103 - January 10

Not to be weird, but today I noticed that it looks like my bbs might be getting a little bigger. But here's the weird part, one looks noticeably bigger than the other. Is this normal? And will they eventually even out as the pg progresses?


chantill - January 10

Amanda~ they alway say that one b___b is bigger then the other. Maybe it's the way your looking at it! Ask your husband or bf what they think. But they might not be any help I asked my husband and he didn't hink mine where getting bigger so I told him to grab it, still doean't think they are. So I don't know!! Good luck!


eawilson - January 10

I'm 9 weeks now and my symptoms seem to come and go. It worries me also when I wake up and feel fine but I think we should just count ourselves lucky and enjoy it! ;-) If you aren't having any spotting or serious cramping, you are probably fine. Good luck!!



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