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Judy - February 24

I am 5-6 weeks pregnant, and don't have any symptoms! Just a little light-headed. should I be worried?


Beth - February 24

Nope, everyones body handles pregnancy compltely different, and I am 13 weeks pg and still don't feel pregnant, I am desperately wanting the big belly to pop out already!! :0)


Mary - February 24

Be glad! I cannot stand my b___bs! hahaha. Congratulations on the new pregnancy.


ekay - February 24

10 weeks-no symptoms here! Little bit of b___b tenderness when I touch them and a bit veiny, but that is it. The best symptom is the heartbeat though :-)


For ekay... - February 24

In your posting you said the best symptom was the heartbeat. What week were you able to see it? I am 8 and a 1/2 wks and went yesterday and we saw nothing other then the sac and a faint shadow in the sac. I am devistated that something is wrong. When were you able to see the babies heartbeat? from ARMYWIFE


ekay - February 24

Hey ARMYWIFE, I first saw a heartbeat at 6wks5days. I freaked out because it didn't seem fast enough to me. I requested another u/s and saw the baby when I was supposed to be 8 weeks, but only measured 7w4d. The good news is the heartrate was great per the tech. I went in yesterday and the heard the h/b via doppler. It was great because I was only 10w2d, which is pretty early to actually HEAR the hb. Are you sure about your dates. We drop the eggs all throughout the month, believe it or not. Did your doctor seem concerned?


For ekay from Army wife - February 25

Hi... The only thing i am sure about is that my last period was on Dec. 22, 2004. The doc never gave me an exact due date because of my progesterone count. But on the Vag. sonogram the other day she has 9 wks on it, ,which would bring me due around oct. 2 or 3. She didnt seemed concerned persay however... it was more of her reaction, she said..."i would have like to see a heartbeat but, lets draw some blood to make sure your pregnancy is going in the right direction"...Thats what concerns me. And in the Vag. sono pic you can barely see anything inside the sac. Its like a light shadown. Thats what concerns me as well. Thanks for responding. Baby love and wishes your way. ~armywife~


judy - February 25

not at all enjoy my fist was like that and i worried stupid me this one i can't stop puking in and i want to sleep all the time kim


ekay - February 25

Armywife-when do they draw your blood next and have they gotten the results from the first time? When did you first have a positive test? Sorry, 20 questions over here.


HRD - February 25

DO NOT BE WORRIED!! Easier said than done :) I was like you at first. With my sister's 3 pregnancies as well as hearing about my mother's I thought that I should be feeling something. Well, I didn't till the end of my 6th week and BOOM.!! Now I wish I was one of the lucky few who don't ever get TRY to enjoy this new exciting time!


Kiley - February 25

Your symptoms will probably still come... give it a couple more weeks. I didn't really get to many symptons. I did get light-headed and my b___sts were sore. I thought I was going to start me period. I was a week late and to rule it out, I took a pregnancy test and I sure was suprised, but elated to find out I was 5 1/2 weeks pregnant. Now I'm going on my 11th week and no symptoms.


to judy - February 26

you are very lucky but some of the not so nice symptoms could appear shortly like morning sickness not being able to breath and many more enjoy the easy weeks now kim


a brown - February 27

ha ha i didn't feel any symptoms whatsoever until the 7th week and then all hell broke loose! Count your lucky stars and hope that youre one of the lucky ones who doesn't have to deal with the nausea the b___b pain the emotional ups and downs and the heartburn, oh and the backpain. wait it's not THAT bad, it's just that I can feel something now and I didn't before. You have nothing to worry about.


Gretchen - February 28

I'm about 5 weeks pregnant too and I have had no symptoms either.


Danielle - February 28

Me too...I am around 7 weeks with my second first I was very sick and now I feel nothing...just a little tired..


Marie - February 28

I am 8 weeks pregnant and feel absolutely nothing. This is my fourth pregnancy but the first time I have ever felt no symptoms whatsoever. You probably have nothing to worry about - relax and enjoy!!


Laura - March 3

I am so glad I found this website, I am five weeks pregnant and do not feel anything except I am tired because I stopped drinking caffeine! I was getting really worried. Thanks for the responses!



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