No Symptoms At 4 5 Wks

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ahemann99 - November 8

I am currently 4.5 wks and have sore nipples and slightly larger br___ts, but that's other that a bad sign??? I just don't FEEL pregnant like i did with my first.....


kay101 - November 8

I think what we all look for early on to "feel" pregnant is morning sickness. It usually doesn't hit most women till their 6th week so don't worry. Any symptom is a symptom and sore b___sts/nipples is one of the earliest and most common ones. Don't disreguard those little twinges you get down low in your belly. Those are symptoms too of you uterus stretching. Anything else, being tired, wierd dreams, sore back, achy, lots of little things we dismiss are symptoms too. How wierd is it we think "Oh my God I don't feel like c___p something must be wrong!" lol we must sound nuts to our husbands.


HeatherIsHopeful - November 8

lol no kidding Kay... Im sorta with you "ahemann99" Im at 8 weeks and had a sudden disappearance of all my pregnancy symptoms a few days ago.. I FREAKED out thinking something was wrong just to find out that it is normal for your symptoms to come and go.. my husband thought I was going crazy because I was freaking out because I WASNT throwing up and having b___bs that hurt lol. anyway, some women don't even get symptoms.. just try enjoy not having to throw up and what not.


reneenay - November 9

Hi Ahemann99, my symptoms didn't kick in until week six. Before that all I had were very sore b___sts. And at about week 10 they all pretty much disappeared. Just put it this way...enjoy feeling good while it lasts!


charm77 - November 9

I am in the same boat as you only I am nine weeks. I really have no symptoms and havent except sore b___bs (really sore). I havent been the least bit tired or sick. I have three other ones and was sooo tired with them but not this time. I am a little worried too but hopefully (and I think it will) be ok.


nola-gal - November 9

i'm right about the same as you...4 weeks. all i feel is mildly sore bbs, tender nipples, and some minor cramps. my face broke out in a way it usually doesn't. but other than that, i feel totally fine. not what i expeceted. i was worried that something was wrong and i am about to have a period. but i found out really early, and all the people i know that found out at 6 weeks or so didn't have any symptoms either. but i have this feeling that i will wake up one day soon feeling like an alien.



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