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fernanda - May 4

My husband began very nice and helpful when I began with bad morning sickness. This lasted a week and now he is sooo temperamental about me not helping with the house work etc. I try and explain to him its not because I'm lazy or want him to suffer but its because I feel like I have a hangover 24/7....Does anyone know a GOOD book I can get him to help UNDERSTAND me????


MHO - May 4

I feel for you, I was dreadfully sick for what seemd like months and neither of us understood what was wrong with me (didn't have a clue I was pregnant). I tried to do what I could around the house, but hubby could see how sick I was and he really helped out. Now that we know we're pregnant, he has really stepped up and is doing far more than I expected around here. Your hubby might be going through some of his own emotional stuff and just not know how to handle it or what to do with his feelings. It might explain some of his imapatience. There are several good online sites and articles for expectant daddies.. if he's like my hubby he'd rather look over a website than sit down with a book :) Do some searching and send him a link or two.. but mostly, I hope you can both try to be patient with each other. The sickness will pa__s eventually and you will be able to do more again :) Best of luck to you !


fernanda - May 4

thanks for that MHO - I will do that!!


Jbear - May 5

I thought my husband was a real a__s during my first pregnancy, but after our baby was born I realized that my hormones had made me into a really mean person during the pregnancy. You're both under a lot of pressure right now, making the transition from couple to family. Tell him you'll feel a lot better once you're out of the first trimester, with more energy and little or no morning sickness. In the meantime, figure out how the two of you can make things easier to take care of around the house, like getting takeout when you're too tired to cook, or using styrofoam plates and plastic silverware so you can throw it away instead of having dishes to do (my personal favorite). Eating ginger candies seemed to help my morning sickness a lot, too.


Chris - May 5

Same here. To me he seems very 'non compationate" like he just does'nt get it... how hard it is for me... what I a going through... but I agree with Jbear, I'm very moody and mean at times. It's hard for them to deal with the changes too.


Steph - May 5

Have him read "How to keep a Pregnant Woman Happy!" I made my DH read it and it made all the difference!


Davida - May 5

I bought my husband The Expectant Father and I am STILL trying to get him to read it!!! I think I'll just start clubbing him over the head! Good luck!!!


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - May 5

There are tons of books for the father to be at almost any book store. I got my husband "What to Do When the Woman You Love is Pregnant". It gave him an a better understanding of what we are going through and is written in a humorus way by a father of 3. :o)


Wanda - May 5

If you have a darker sense of humor, the best book is : Pregnancy Sucks for Men: What to Do When Your Miracle Makes You BOTH Miserable by Joanne Kimes, Jeff Kimes. My bf isn't a reader, but he looks forward to reading the new chapter each month. Good luck!


BAA - May 5

My husband hasn't been very supportive either. I had a missed miscarrage in Feb and had to have a D & C. I am now 8 1/2 wks pregnant again-I'm very happy but very nervous. My husband seemed more excited the first time and doesn't seem to be that into it this time.I know I've been moody and not myself but his lack of emotions and support bother me. I try not to get too upset becasue It's not good for me. I'm suppose to be resting and taking it easy so I choose to just ingnore him and keep quite in my room. Any suggestions. I know he's just nervous as well because of what happend to us the first time and that was only a few months ago.


Amanda - May 5

Just remember thaththis to shall pa__s that is what my mom always told me with my first I had morniing sickness the entire time I was preg I was even sick during delivery Just remind your husband that the baby is suppose to bring you closer and all though it seems really sucky right now get hm on a site and show him the diffrent stages of pregnancy men are very visual that migh thelp you get him to understand



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