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cnasmom - December 12

ok, i talk to many of you on here, but i lost a baby back in june and that baby at 6 wks 5 days, i spotted, but everything was good, i spotted again at 9 wks 3 days and i lost it then, but i am now 6 wks 5 days again and i am spotting, first it was pink this morning and now brown barely any there but i have been crampy on and off for about a week now, i have 2 healthy children and don't understand what could be wrong now? i know they say s_x and all that can bring it on but i haven't had s_x since i found out i was pregnant because i didn't want anything to happen. but is the brown spotting bad??? please help, i don't think i could stand to lose another one


cnasmom - December 12

also i had my hcg done last week on wed and frid. it was 22500 wed and 27700 friday. so it went up, i don't think those are exact numbers but thats abouts where they were. i am scared i dont know what to do.


stefkay - December 12

cnasmom, is there any way your doctor would do an ultrasound since you have had a previous m/c? Most will if you ask ESPECIALLY since you've miscarried. I just know I wouldn't feel better until I had seen the baby. I had spotting early on at about 4-4.5 weeks and everything seems to be fine so far at almost 11. I had spotting another time and miscarried. My dr. said that the spotting wasn't necessarily an indicator of miscarriage. I so understand the worry though :( I'd call the dr. tomorrow and explain your worries. IF they ignore, then you can always go to the hospital for a scan (ER)


preggosauce - December 12

During my first pregnancy I spotted when I was about 5 weeks. It wasnt a lot and it was brown in color. I was cramping really bad too, like I was just about to start my period. Everything checked out fine and I have a healthy baby girl now.


cnasmom - December 12

well, i have an actual appointment monday at the doc. and she usually does an u/s the first visit, to check and confirm due dates and all that. haha about the er here, i live in TINY town and last time i went there spotting with the last pregnancy they said they don't have an u/s machine except when the ob doc comes to visit on fridays!!! i had to go to another hospital and they didn't have one late at night!!! so they just did hcg tests on me. but do u think the hcg levels are ok? i heard after 6000 they go up alot slower. but they only went up 5200 in 2 days? but the spotting brown is pretty much gone, and i have not had any thing up there, lol, so i know its not that kinda irritation. i never bled at all with my 2 healthy babies, so i just don't get it.


newlywed0915 - December 13

cnasmom-hey girl, I had the same thing happen to me at 5 weeks and 2 days. I live in a tiny town too and they told me they'd test my hcg levels too. Well this is my first child and I wasn't going to take that for an answer. I had brownish spotting one day and pinkinsh the next. They told me to jsut go home and rest both times. Well that second time I didn't like their answer...saying that they'd test my hcg levels over the next few days and only do an ultrasound if the results said I was miscarrying. SO i had hubby take me to the E.R in the city and they gave me an ultrasound and all the works....I was having a threatened abortion. There was a slight tear in my uterine wall, and when I actually got to the ER I starting bleeding two hours after I got there. Anyway...they put me on bedrest from Friday through Monday so that the tear could heal. There was no blood coming from the gestational sac, but if the tear is aggravated, it would pose a problem to the baby. So thats my input. I'd rest for a few days...take it easy... and try not to lift anything too heavy. Although since you have two children this might be hard. I'm now 11 weeks and 5 days...and haven't bled since my 6th or 7th week. What the doc told me is that bleeding is common in the First Trimester, and that 25% of women have this happen to them. 50% go on to have a healthy pregnancy. So if you just take the right measures, and this little one is meant to be, it will be okay.


stefkay - December 13

cnasmom, just what newlywed said is right on...take it easy and most likely it will resolve itself. My dr. even said after my first appt. NOT to be surprised if I spot more later as the uterus grows and expands so that could be what is going on. Good luck today and please keep us posted! Crossing everything for you and hope it is a perfect ultrasound :)


cnasmom - December 13

thanks girls! u all r great! i barely have any discharge at all just a tiny dot of brown here and there, usually when i look for it, lol. its mucousy when it is there tho. but i actually am having sore b___bs now, which i didn't have yet and i've been nausous on and off the last few days. i don't know, i just know i never did it with my healthy babies and i did with the one i lost. but on the bright side, with the one i lost i had horrible dreams about miscarrying the whole time, and i have only had one dream of spotting with this one before it actually happened, and i dreamed i was having a girl! lol my husband wants another boy cuz hes been a lot easier than his sister, lol. i just want it to be healthy. i go to the doc monday, i can't wait!



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