Not Fitting In Jeans ALREADY

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Cassie - July 31

Do you find that you are already growing out of your jeans even though you're only a few weeks pregnant?


Ca__sie - July 31

I began this thread because I've seen the question asked in different threads, though the topics were orginally different. Just wanted to make sure the question is addressed for those who asked. As far I go, I started bloating right away and my jeans were tight by week 6. I was fully into maternity clothes by week 13.


Kari - July 31

I'm only 7 weeks and all my pants are getting tight!


amber - July 31

welcome to the world of pregnancy :)


jb - July 31

My jeans and work pants are tight. But maternity stuff is too big. It really sucks. I am 12 wks, so I hoping in a few more weeks I will be able to wear some maternity clothes so I can be comfy. The holding my breath to close my pants is getting very old! I just feel fat :o(


stacey - July 31

I am only starting my 9th week, and my pants are getting a but tight...


Kristi - July 31

Thank goodness! I thought I was the only one. 6 weeks 5 days and growing out of everything from the waist down!


kelly - August 1

I am only five weeks and my jeans are starting to feel tight as well! My clothes are OK since dress pants seem to have a little more "give" to them. I usually wear tighter shirts, so I am trying to find some more lose fiting clothing for the time being.....I just feel bloated and ga__sy lately.


Katie - August 1

I'm 11 weeks & am noticing the same thing. I've been bloated for a few weeks, but now I've noticed my weight shifting to the middle. I haven't gained any weight yet, but my jeans are definietly tighter.


Ca__sie - August 1

And you only get bigger. ;-) Heh heh. I know there are some on the 2nd trimester forum that still aren't showing, and then there are us who at 5 or 6 weeks began to bloat. Each body reacts differently, but it's nice to find others in the same situation. I'm 21 weeks pregnant now and find the sun dresses are the most comfortable thing for me to wear.


Heather - August 2

Kelly, I am 5 weeks and already all of my work clothes are very tight, I don't know if its because I am eating so well or if its becuase I am bloated but my clothes feel so uncomfortable!!


hb - August 3

I had a lot of bloating by 5 weeks. The bloating never went away. I was really showing by 10 weeks. This is my first so i was pretty surprised to be showing so quickly. I have always heard you don't show as early with your first. I am due Nov. 19


lisa - August 3

Hey girls, Is it ok if I jump in?? I'm almost 6wks, and I'm starting to grow out of everything. I've elastisized all my pants for added comfort. I went to Old Navy, and got maternity clothes in size small. Much more comfortable, and they should get me right through the summer. Cheap too, all pants were only $8. We're only going to get bigger!!l lol...


Heather - August 3

Lisa - I am so happy to hear another woman in her early pregnancy bought maternity clothes, I am only 5 weeks but so uncomfotable in my clothes. I bought two pairs of maternity pants yesterday just to wear in the house so I don't have to be uncomfortable on the weekends and at night. I think I am going to go buy so new work clothes in a size larger than I have been wearing so that I can wear them after the pregnancy is over. I am so happy you tipped me off to old navy, I will have to go there! baby dust to all of you!


lisa - August 3

Hey Heather, It makes no sense to be uncomfortable, especially while working!! Are you having any major symptoms?? My bbs are getting huge- to the point where I can't even sleep on my stomach anymore!! I'm bagging up all my small clothes, and giving in to the comfort...Baby Dust to you... Look on Old Navy's website/maternity-everything is sooo comfy, and a good fit. Let me know if you need to know what I purchased!!!


RLK - August 3

Should i do something i am not feeling sick today.. first time. Or is it just almost over. I have some lower wierd feelings.... very low like by hip bone. Does anyone know of a website where you can see how big the average person is at 9 weeks?


stacey - August 3

Reading these makes me feel so much better! I am only six weeks and I am so bloated. I am a teacher and I was just telling my husband that I am going to have to go somewhere cheap and buy all new work clothes because nothing will fit!! Glad I am not the only one!



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