Not Sick Today Is Something Wrong Reasurance Please

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Jenn - August 13

I know it sounds silly, but i've been sick every day of my pregnancy, but today i woke up feeling fine, and have felt fine all day. I'm worried!! Why am i not sick? Could something be wrong with my baby? Today was my 8 week. I know how silly it sounds, but i'm scared!!


Crazey_Diana - August 14

I am going through the same thing. Heop us


Jessica - August 15

I wouldnt worry to much because I am 8 weeks and my morning sickness just slowed down just like yours did. I have read that around this time morning sickness subsides. I was sick everyday for the last two weeks but starting 3 days ago I feel fine. I have no idea why but I wouldnt stress out over it and if you are that worried go have an u/s done to ease your mind!


Shannon - August 16

You are probably one of the lucky ones that gets to end m/s early. I had mine up to 12 week with all 4.


Tamisha - August 17

You should be happy! I am. At first I didn't have any and then at week 7 it came in strong. Now week 8 gone again YAY!! Be careful, it could come back


To Tamisha From Crazey_Diana - August 18

My over all sickness is in full force this week. If I spend one full day out the house during the heat of the day (I live in central Florida) I am so tired. This comes from with in my body. I just don't feel well. I am tired of feeling like this. I think to myself there are woman who go through pregnacy and raise a family. I can hardle take care of my daily duties around the house. Could you imange cooking for a family? YUCK!! I keep telling myself it will get better.


K - August 18

I noticed by week 8 I started to feel a bit better too! Even my b___sts weren't even hurting as bad as they were. I'm now 10 weeks & everything's fine so far. I'm paranoid after a previous m/c! Good luck to all!!


Tamisha - August 19

crazy diana...where in Florida do you live? I live in Tampa.


To Tamisha From Crazey_Diana - August 21

I live in Kissimmee Florida.I am 1 hour and 15 minutes from Martin Luther King. Where in Tampa do you live? I am sick only evey other day now. I'm not kidding. Today I'm fine Yesterday I was quesey. My mouring sickness is not a strong as it could be.What kind of cravings do you get? I like wanton soup, Boild penuts, Asin food, anything salty. I can,t stand sweets. I use to live for suger.


Tamisha - August 21

Crazey Diana I mostly just try to stay away from fried foods and salty foods. I wasn't much of a water drinker, but I find myself wanting water all the time, and also milk! I wasn't much of a milk drinker before. I find that I really have to have the taste for something to want to eat. I have been eating alot of carbs, which is going to end up kicking me in the a__s. When are you do? My first edd was 3/28, and after my ultrasound they told me possible 4/3, but I'm going with the first date.


~Terra - August 23

Jenn, every woman is different, with my first born, I was sick as a dog, for a good 4 - 4 1/2months.. this pregnancy.. I have a lot of nausea every day, except for yesterday, and I bugged my fiance, complaining why I didn't have nausea yesterday. Well it came full force today, maybe your lucky and it's just over with, are you still feeling preg. in other ways? b___st changes... hunger, bloating etc, I wish I was done with the nausea NOW< although this time around is much better then my first born.. I'm going on my 9th week


Jenn - August 23

My nausea came back for another week, but its calmed down soo much lately, its been great.


~Terra - August 24

Jenn, thats good, your lucky then, I'm still experiencing alot of nausea without vomitting, how i am managing it I have NO clue... Now that I'm working again, *at least from home* I' m more nauseous... I think it' sbecause now i"m getting up when I HAVE to and forcing my body to get up even though I'm exhausted.


Jenn - August 24

I work at a pet store, so i am on my feet 8 hours a day, it was sooo hard when i was really sick. I would throw up like, 6 times at work.


Angela - August 24

Jenn - This happened to me a few times and I panicked, then a few days later the sickness would come back and I would be so mad that I didn't enjoy having felt good! Don't worry!!


Lisa D - August 25

I have read ALL of your symptoms will disappear if there is a problem not just one. (No sore b___sts, no sickness, no tiredness, .... whatever your symptoms are, they would all be gone.) If you still have any symptoms, consider it a lucky day!!!!!!!


wollmich - August 26

I have the same thing. I am 6 wks today and have been sick the past week. Today, I feel fine. I'm scared to death. Yesterday they saw the heart beat. I feel like overnight everything went bad because I feel so good. Any more advice?



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