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cape - January 11

This is my 3rd pregnancy and no kids I am 4 weeks pregnant I was having br___t tenderness, fatigue, missed period, but no morning sickness I read that if you don't have morning sickness then you are more likely to have a miscarriage I'm too scared to be happy about this pregnancy had an ultrasound on monday saw the sac go back tomorrow for another one but today I don't feel pregnant at all, br___t aren't that tender anymore just scare mostly can any one help


Beth - January 11

Hi Cape, I am approx 5 1/2 weeks and I don't have any morning sickness either. I have read the studies on what you are talking about, but it is not neccsarily true. There are many woman who have no symptoms including morning sickness. Mine runs in my family, no one before me had morning sickness inclusing my mom with myself and my brother. Just relax and take it day by day.


ekay - January 11

Hey cape, no morning sickness does not necessarily mean you are likely to m/c. I think they say a.m. sickness is good because it means your horomones are rising, which in turn are making you ill. I wouldn't worry about it. Keep us posted.


Missy - January 11

Iagree I didn't have any mornihg sickness with my son and was sick as heck with my 2nd my daughter. This preg is with my new husband and no morning sickness here just alot of pulling and streching. So " Don't worry Be happy" :0)


cape - January 12

Thanks everyone for your comments I just came back from the Dr and he said that everything is fine we saw the yolk sac this morning so I am really excited. thanks


ekay - January 12

Good for you, Cape!!! That is a good sign. :) When is your next appt.?


Jo - January 12

I hope everything goes well for you! I am preg with my 4th kid, the first two pregnancies had no symptoms, the third is when i started with the nausea, but THIS


Jo - January 12

Oooooops! got cut off, lol...THIS pregnancy is the one thats killing me.. Nauseated all day, wanna sleep all day.



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