Not Sure If Im Prego Help

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princesa08 - September 28

okay soo lately ive been feeling this crazy twitching feeling in my first i thought it was gas but it hasnt gone away. plus ive been constipated and i have days where im nauseous, i get pains in my stomach, and i took a test the other day that came out positive, then another said i started spotting. im not sure what to think. im 16 soo im not sure what to look for as in signs. ive looked online and they say its rare to get a false-positive test soo what do i do? Someone help. if i am pregnant im atleast 4 months...wouldnt i be showing? im a bit chunky as it is soo would it be hard to tell? please help!!!


BabyMakes7 - September 29

It sounds as if you need to get in to see a doc ASAP. False positives are rare, you could be miscarrying. If you're 4 months, you'll need intervention from a medical professional. Let us know how you're doing. God bless.


princesa08 - September 29

my mom still doesnt know, how do i tell her? i want to be sure first.


BabyMakes7 - September 29

Are you still bleeding? Taken another test? You don't want to end up in pain and telling her on the way to ER. Begin by telling her that you are afraid and in trouble and that you need her not to get angry but to be there for you. She will take care of you. Good luck & post again.


BabyMakes7 - September 29

There are so many options available to you. Letting your fear blind you will only harm you and the baby. Get yourself into a doctor, you could have another medical situation...could be any number of things. The mind is powerful, if you've been ignoring signs, you may have subconsciously ignored symptoms and now be in trouble. Your Mom should know whether you're pregnant or not so that you can both talk openly about your s_xuality and the options you can take to make sure that you make the best decisions you can for you and for any babies that may come. This is tough, but you can do it. I've always told my kids that no matter what, if the preface the conversation with their fear of my anger, I would do my best to react calmly and with love...I'm sure your mom is no different. Get some medical advice, I'm worried for your health.


BrendaW - September 29

have you had a period in the last four months? Have you noticed any changes in your b___st at all? Alot of woman with there first babies especially when you are younger take longer to start showing that i have noticed.


princesa08 - September 29

no i havent missed a period yet


BrendaW - September 30

Was the line on your test a faint line or darker?


princesa08 - September 30

the line for the positive test was bold and deep. the other two tests came out negative which doesnt make sense.


BrendaW - September 30

Do you live in the U.S? you should be able to go to a family planning or family healthcare place that should be able to help you. But i think the only way you are going to know for sure is to 1 just wait and see which sucks or 2 go to the doctor.


BabyMakes7 - October 2

Have you retested? Seen a doc? Told your mom? Worrying about when you can.


princesa08 - October 2

havent made any decisions yet. worried, dont want to disappoint my mom or anything. its kinda stressful. im just taking it day by day. im going to schedule an appointment if i get another positive result..


starlight_94 - October 3

You may have something wrong with you that is giving you a false positive...please go to the dr so you are sure....also if ur on Birth control that could gvive you pregnancy symptoms but no false positive... MOST IMPORTANTLY You need to be taking vitamins to keep yo and ~possibly baby~ as healthy as can be... pick up some flinstones and they will do and your mom wont know why. I had a bad exprience with side effects from depo shot when I was 17 and thought I was preggo...very scarry I know. But hun it wont go way if you are so, dont wait until the last minute!! Good luck...keep us informed!


BabyMakes7 - October 8

Any news for us?


BabyMakes7 - October 22

Thinking about you princesa.....all ok?



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