Not Wanting To Sleep

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stacyann36 - June 27

I am only about 5 weeks along, and I cannot sleep....I wake up about 2.5 hours everynight for some reason and cannot get back to sleep...Anyone else have this issue???...


nahcol - June 24

Oh my Gosh! I totally no what you are talking about, but Im 10 weeks. I saty up most of the night, I try to sleep, but can't. Im starting to believe that Im becoming nocternal. I thought that I was the only one. I wonder if this is a normal symtom. I tend to wake up with my stomache growling also, I started to keep a box of cheeze its crackers and a bottle of water next to the bed, so I won't be fumbling around in the dark. If you find out what causes this, please let me know.


stacyann36 - June 24

I will sure let you know, my 1st doc appt is next month...i know with my first baby all i wanted to do was sleep and now a few hours a night is luxury, and its so frustrating, because I "feel" sleepy...I go from room to room from couch to couch trying to just sleep somewhere...I will let you know what I find out...


nachol - June 25

I did a little research on the web and they said that it is normal to feel this way, but they did not state why or what is the reason. They only stated that taking a warm shower or bath right before bed may help relax the musles. Like you my next appointment isn't till the 6th next month, so quess were both gonna have to wait it out. I'll let you know if I find or hear anything else. And I will let you know what my dcotor says as well.


Nahcol - June 27

Glad to hear that you got some sleep, you were right, I was tired from being up all night. Seems like I've become an night owl. LOL! Since Ive been extra tired lately, I seemed to be awake most of the night and asleep most of the day. I have to get back on track. Well here is my Email in case you want to chat sometimes, Candid826 Goodnight, Well actually its morning ,but you know what I mean!



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