November Mommies Due Dates And Area

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TiffanyRae - March 20

Hi ladies...i know we have another November thread...but i thought is would be fun to post all of our due dates and state/location, where we live. i bet we will find we have alot of the same due dates and even some who are in the same location! Then we can continue to chat on this thread throughout the first trimester!


TiffanyRae - March 20

i am in hawaii, lived here for five years....originally from minnesota! I am due November 16th!


cbol22 - March 20

I live in Los Angeles, CA. I've lived there my entire life. Im 26. My due date is Nov. 12. Very close to you TiffanyRae! =)


bettyg - March 21

Washington, DC - Nov 6th -- originally from Louisville, KY


rebeccapett - March 21

Sterling VA Nov. 8, 2008


confused_1234 - March 21

Due Date November 20th -Indiana


joeby321 - March 21

Hey,, I am in Las Vegas, NV. Moved here 2 years ago from Palm Beach Gardens, Fl but originally from RI. I am 27 and my due date is November 11, I think. My calculations may be off so I will have a better idea next Thursday when I see my doctor.


loopylaura - March 22

Hi my due date is november 2nd, and i live in Ess_x, in the UK.


MissYLovE - March 22

DaviS CA... Nov 17


TiffanyRae - March 23

wow. we are definitly from all over. thats why i like this website....even though we are all over theplace...we have one HUGE thing in common...between november 1st and it looks like november 20th we will all be new mommies or repeat mommies! I was two week overdue with my i am not holding my breath for the 16th! Does anyone have names already in mind? We have a little boy so would love a little girl...but it really doesn't matter....i have found little boys are soooo fun! and we have no idea for names yet. We named our son, Hans Alexander...after his dad and we will have to see about this one...its my turn (hubby named our sone) and i am the most fickle person in the he/she will problably have about ten names before he/she is born! Have a great day all!


mommyofboys - March 23

Concord, NC. I am due Nov. 14. We have 2 little boys, Charlie and Scott. We would love a little girl, but another boy would be great too. They are so sweet!


mrsherzog - March 24

I just got a BFP this morning! I still shaking about it! I figure my due date will be Nov 28th. My name is Melissa, 29, I live in Wisconsin. I have two sons 5&8 from a previous marriage. Dh and I have been married 2!/2 years. We started trying in Oct, had a MC in Dec. We are pumped! Good luck ot all you Nov Mommies!


faiesh - March 25

Hey ladies, I am in Biloxi, MS, My due date has been pushed back so now it is NOV 7! I am so excited... Wow everyone is really close to the same


j-lyn - March 25

I am estimated to be due Nov. 24 currently live in Greenville SC but will be living in Maryland by my third trimester. My family is all there and my husband and I feel we'll be better off there. First time parents and incredibly excited! I just hope nothing goes wrong between now and then!


trying4ababygirl - March 26

Hi. I am new here to this forum but I am in NC, have lived here my whole life. I'm 34 and my due date is Nov. 9th.


meha90 - March 28

I am form Ga, and my due date is Nov. 1


Trying4#3 - March 29

I am new to this forum. Just got my BFP yesterday!!! I live in NC and my due date is Nov 29th!!!!!



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