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DeeD - March 5

I just thought it would be great to start a November Babies post for all of us on this journey. For some this is just a waiting game, for has been a difficult journey to get to this point. Please feel free to share you thoughts, fears and questions with each other. I have had multiple miscarriages, but am cautiously optomistic this time. I am due Nov 4th. Here's looking forward to meeting many new friends!


louisa88 - March 5

hi deeD im due novemeber 1st. currently 5 wks 5 days. had a few symptoms such as peeing all the time, feelign sick, b___bs are so tender and cramping. have u had many symptoms?


DeeD - March 5

I have just felt achy and tired. I have an upset stomach alot. I also have had heartburn a few times over the wierdest things. But mostly, I haven't ahd anything major. I am still waiting to find out if this time I have got a stickly little bean.


louisa88 - March 5

well this is my first pregnancy, so of course im really nervous. because of the cramping and the wetness feeling, i keep thinking that everytime i go to the toliet im gonna see blood, which i havent. i even took another preg test today to make i was still pregnant. stupid i know but im so worried


DeeD - March 5

That isn't stupid. With all the chances of miscarriage and still births and genetic stuff, it is amazing any of us are born okay! I think is is always a scary thing wether it is your first or not-but especially when it is your first. When is your first ultrasound? Mine is the 9th of April.


louisa88 - March 5

havent got mine sceduled yet. the doctor said the midwife should contact me within the next 4 weeks so i presume she will let me know, coz im not sure wot 2 expect really


tryin44 - March 5

I am due nov 1. I have got a few symtoms developing latley. I have been very nousious and I have had horribl;e insomnia and have been peeing the last two nights like 7 times in the middle of the night. This is my fourth and one would think you would get used to it but you don't. Forget I think when the baby comes you forget about all the misery of the nine months.


micorazon - March 5

Hello, I am due Nov 4th as well. I am extremely tired and very nauseous. I have my first ultrasound next week. I dont expect to see much but am hoping for a heartbeat.


DeeD - March 6

Hi guys. My ultra sound isn't until the 9th of April. I put is off because I am afraid there won't be anyhting there, or something will be wrong....something. Hope you ladies are all doing well! have a great day.


louisa88 - March 6

hi, well today at work i felt so faint and so hot. i stayed for like 2 hours but felt so ill so ended up going home. usually it is hot at work but today it felt hotter then ever. hope everyones ok. cant wait till the midwife contacts me then this little one might actually feel real


tryin44 - March 6

I have felt terribly hot as well. I have been sooooo nousious. I was just telling DH that I wish I would just vomit so I would feel better. I did this same thing when I was pregnant with my DD. My boys I would feel sick put I would vomit and feel better but now I am just sick all day with a sick bubble in my throat. Uggggghhhhh


Pipa - March 7

Hey ladies! I'm due Nov 2nd. So far I've not experienced major symptoms mostly just feeling really hot, nauseous at times, and crampy/tight feeling just above my pelvis. Today I woke up and just don't feel much of anything. I guess I scare myself worrying about the bad things that could happen when I just need to enjoy. In that spirit, we went to a baby furniture store yesterday to look at cribs. My husband fell for the most expensive one and I kept saying that we should go look at Target! It was really fun and made it feel more real. I just can't wait for the first doctor's appointment. We have an appointment on the 22nd to do history and labs and then we'll do the "official" appointment some time that next week. Is it silly that I want to feel more pregnant? I know I'll probably regret those words later. I just wish the first trimester was over! Hope you're all well and having beautiful days!


DeeD - March 7

Just checkin in...Mico, you and I are due the same day! Louisa, how are you feeling? Pipa, I know what you mean about it getting real. These first months are hard because you don't feel the baby, you aren't it is hard to really "feel" pregnant. It is funny because I was just commenting on that last night. I too have fellt really hot flashes every now and than. My biggest symptom is I just feel achy and yucky. I have occasional upset stomach and heartburn. So, not too bad yet. Hope everyone is having a great day. My ultra sound to "date" the pregnancy is on the 9th. Anyone else???


MusicLady - March 7

Good morning, ladies. I'm on the other November board but I thought I'd drop in here too. I'm due Nov. 7th. I've been feeling some nausea lately, mostly just when I get hungry - and I had it pretty strong this morning - it felt so textbook to feel sick in the morning. Haha. Hope the rest of you are coping alright. Pipa, I want to feel more pregnant too. I kind of do feel pregnant when I'm experiencing the symptoms, but then I look at myself and I don't look any different. But you're right...come 7 months, I will probably want to feel anything BUT pregnant!


micorazon - March 7

Good Morning Ladies. Hopefully we will all chat through our entire pregnancies...Most of us are due within a week of each other. I was reading through some of the threads where the women were in their final month and they have created a website where they are posting their babies pictures and seems so nice to have a group like this. Hopefully we will all stick with the thread to the end :-) Im 5 weeks 3 days and the fatigue has started to lighten up which is great. I hate to complain but I am incredibly nauseous. No one could have prepared me for this. I can barely get ready for work in the morning and look like an absolute mess. I keep telling myself the all day sickness is a good sign but it is making it hard for me to do anything that I need to do. I am going to be in a 4 hour meeting this afternoon and I am so scared that someone will bring their lunch and the smell will make me need to go puke my brains out. I really want to wait until Im 12 weeks to tell my manager but at this rate I may need to go ahead and say something. Has anyone found any remedies that work for the morning sickness? So far the things that have wored the best for me are ginger tea and popcycles. I will probably sip the tea in the meeting...its about 5 degrees f. today so people will think im crazy if i show up with a popcycle :-)


ahay - March 7

HEY LADIES.... WOW HAVE I HAD THE WORST PREGNANCY SYMPTOMS YET!! I AM DUE THE 1ST OF NOVEMEBER. MY FIRST CHILD I HAD NONE! MY PREGNANCY WAS A BREEZE. THIS TIME....I have had cramping...nipple soreness...b___st tenderness...nausea and really really tired. I have my first appt on Friday which is just my pre-op appt and my first prenatal appt is march 28th. I am so excited this baby is deciding to stick. I recently had a miscarriage January 19th and got pregnant right away. Anyone else in the same boat?


micorazon - March 7

Hi Ahay...I am in a similar boat. I have had three miscarriages. The last was in January but was more of a chemical pregnancy vs a miscarriage. I didnt have any symptoms with my previous pregnancies besides the fatigue so Im actually kinda happy that this one isnt the same. I am starting to get excited but I think the true excitement will come once I have my ultrasound.



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