Number On Weeks From Start Or End Of Week

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Confused!! - May 20

Just wondered - if you are 8 weeks pregnant on the 21st June do you start calling yourself 8 weeks at that point until a week later or are you considered 9 weeks once you pass the 21st and the 8 week mark? Hope I worded that right! A strange thought that keeps annoying me!


Lia - May 20

The fact is when you're "in your" 9th week of pregnancy, you are 8 weeks pregnant! During the week you start your period, you are in your first week of pregnancy, but you have not yet completed any weeks so you are zero weeks pregnant. Think about it this way — you don't say that a baby is one year old during his first year of life do you? He is not considered to be one year old until he's actually in his second year. A lot of pregnancy books and web sites don't make this distinction, which makes things even more confusing. Try not to say "you are in your 9th week" because that's when you are actually 8 weeks pregnant. Just say, "you are 8 weeks pregnant." That’s why you will notice a lot a people post the number of weeks and days hence 8w5d – Eight weeks five days. You have completed 8 weeks and are “in your” nineth week. Therefore (28 day cycle) Your First day of your LNMP was March 26. On May 21 you are 8 weeks pregnant. On May 22 you are "in your nineth week" and you are 8w1d pregnant. Hope this helps!


Marivic - May 20

You start calling yourself "Week #" once you hit that number, as you'll be in that week # all week, until you roll over to the next one. For example, today I am 11 weeks. I'll be "11 weeks" until next Friday, when I'll do the happy dance of 12 weeks. Hope this helps.


Re - May 20

Great answer Lia!


kristine - May 20

SO...when you read that something happens when you 5 weeks, that event will happen when have actually completed your 5th week. I understand that I am currently 4 weeks 6 days, but when I read the guides of what happens during which week, I am still confused as to whether or not I should be reading week 4 or week 5!?! Sorry to sound ignorant, but someone please clarify!!! Thanks much.


Bree - May 20

If you're confused, why not plug your due date into a pregnancy calendar and it will name each day and note each week.



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