Obsessed With Testing

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Andi13 - March 12

I just found out last week that I'm 5 weeks pregnant. I took two EPT home pregnancy tests and got very dark positives for results. The next day I went to the doctor and they gave me another urine test and got a positive and prescribed me prenatal vitamins. Now as I wait for my 10 week checkup with the OB/GYN I find myself obsessed with the thought that I might not actually be pregnant!!! I'm taking my vitamins and having some symptoms (tender br___ts, abdominal cramps) but I can't seem to stop worrying! I actually took another pregnancy test today (used an off-brand test and got a very light positive)! Please tell me I'm not the only one who has experienced this. I feel like I'm loosing it!!! LOL


HalloweenBaby - March 12

I was so obsessed the first 2 weeks that I even did 2 home tests after I got my blood tests back. I couldn't stop thinking about it and spend most of my time on the net doing research. I am in my 3rd week of knowing and it is getting better. It doesn't help that I feel fine, excpept for my huge bloated stomach and I am dizzy all the time. You will be surprised how fast the time goes by. It feels like forever but when you look back you will wonder where the time went.


lqtoo - March 12

At this point, your HCG levels (the pregnancy hormone) are so high, that even if your hormone levels were decreasing, you would still test positive on those tests. It takes awhile for the pregnancy hormones to get out of your system, and the pregnancy tests are sensitive enough to detect very small amounts that are on par with women who are only two weeks pregnant. It really is a waste of money to keep testing at this point. The reason I know this is because I had a miscarriage last year, and I wanted to start trying again, but I needed some tests done first. In order to get the tests done I had to take a pregnancy test to be sure I was not pregnant. Well almost TWO full months after my D&C, I still had enough pregnancy hormones left to test positive on a urine test - even though I was definitely NOT pregnant. I know this will not ease your anxiety, but hopefully it will save you wasting your money on more pregnancy tests.


MrsShelton217 - March 12

I know how you feel! I still worry about it. I am only 13 days away from missing my second period. (I love it) I didn't really believe I was pregnant until I got the results of my second beta hcg.... then I was like... whoa! I really am! Then I had a second ultrasound done, and they saw TWO sacs! So I am very pregnant w/ twins! (hoping for either one boy and one girl, or two boys. (already have a beautifuly daughter... and she wants a brother BAD!)


Andi13 - March 12

Aww, MrsShelton, thats so lucky that youre having twins! Congrats / I know it's silly to keep testing but like I said, I'm obsessed!!! I've only had urine tests and I feel silly asking for a blood test after they already told me I was pregnant. I don't have another appointment until April 9th so I'm sure I'll test again before then. Jeez, I hope this stops after my 10 wk. appointment!!!


gaudior - March 12

Andi, I tested SIX more times after my first positive. I'd bought a bunch of internet cheapies, and after trying for so long, I couldn't get enough of those two lines. I think I'd frame them if dh wasn't grossed out by the idea. I even have been entertaining the idea of testing again just for fun, and I'm 11 weeks! As for the symptoms, they'll come sooner or later... you're still a little early for full-b__wn morning sickness or exhaustion or headaches or all the other blessed nuisances of pregnancy. Congrats!


alliecat - March 12

i found out too that i'm 5 weeks pregnant and i too can't believe it. i even did a preg test this morning and it's still positive. i haven't been to the doc yet - have an appointment in 2 weeks. too excited - can't wait. hopefully it'll be easier after the doc appointment.


Andi13 - March 12

Thanks for the input ladies! Good to know that I'm not the only one who has tested multiple times after a positive!!! I'm sure I'll stop obsessing after my 10 week appointment. It just seems so far away right now.


Pipa - March 13

It was only by my husband's convincing me that I did not go buy oodles more tests b/c I kept thinking well something could happen and I don't want to be let down what if, what if! Thankfully, my husband stepped in, convinced me I was being irrational and that I should just trust that things will work out! Still fine at 6wks4days!



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