Obsession With HCG Levels Ruins Pregnancy

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Gaby - June 16

I just need to vent so I get it out - no need to block stress with a baby on the way. I just can't get over how obsessed doctor's are with hcg levels. I wish I didn't know about them and that they didn't require me to take them all the time. All it does it stress me out until I hear the magical words: "they have doubled." But what if I don't hear those words. What if I hear something bad? Why do these doctors assume that I would want to know that I might miscarry in a few days? So I can be miserable until it happens? I wish I could enjoy my pregnancy like my mom said she did. No HCG levels, and not worrying about what "might happen." I just want to tell my doctor to shove the levels and let me enjoy this time. Is there really any logical reason to continue these tests? I mean, what if they find the levels are not doing what they should. Can they really do anything to help me at that point? I would really like to know because if there is no logical reason I would rather not give any more blood.


Amy - June 16

Gaby when i m/c i kept taking the tests and i had no bleeding or nothing they just would say your going to m/c as my levels went down up and then down they never once said they could do anything about it all it was STRESS till m/c happend but that was my dr who know i thought i have read that if they are just low rising they can give you some kind of shots but not 100% sure


j. - June 17

I so agree with you Gaby. Luckily I never had to go through that. I'm not sure why they would do that in a 'normal' pregnancy? Did you have any probs or does your doc just do it as a routine procedure? All the posts I've read about this, just make me think that all HcG testing does, is cause anxiety and unnecessary stress. I wouldn't want to go through that. My pregnancy is not just a number, it is about the miracle of growing a baby. My thinking is, either it will all be fine or if not, I will notice soon enough anyway. But worrying about m/c'ing all the time, just because I'm this number or that..no thank you :)


Kim - June 17

Gaby, I took charge and switched doctors - I talked to other people I know and I decided to wait to go back to the doctor until 12 weeks because they were making me so crazy in the beginning with HcG levels and ultrasounds that I couldn't take it anymore. They did not care about me and my feelings at all and I could not see anything positive about it. I spoke to a good friend of mine who was using a midwife and the midwife would not even see her let alone check her out until she was 12 weeks along. I never thought I would go the more natural route but I know my body way better than any doctor...



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