Occasional Wine Drinking During Pregancy

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Wanda - April 28

I notice there are a lot of ladies from outside the US on here, and I wanted to ask how drinking a small glass of wine once in a while during pregnancy is perceived where you come from. Now, I know all about the no alcohol is the best policy of the US, so save your preaching. I am also not talking about going on a bender when you are pregnant. What I want to know is what you have heard, or know about first hand, about occasionally drinking ONE glass of wine, with say dinner or at a special occasion. Thanks for your input.


Jen - April 28

I have heard that drinking a gla__s of wine once in awhile does no harm. But I am from the US and would feel too guilty to enjoy it! I once had a few sips of champagne at a wedding when I was 6 months pregnant and the next day, the baby did not seem to be kicking as much. He turned out to be fine but the worry/guilt was not worth it. Not preaching -- just reporting my US- guilty feelings.


TCM - April 28

Hi. I am South African living in Australia. The doctors here usually say to stay away from any drinking at all, but what most people subscribe to (and what I will probably do too) is that after the first 3 months the occasional gla__s of wine is acceptable.


Amy - April 29

Not preaching...just why risk it? It is only 9 months with no alcohol. Not too much to ask for a growing baby! Best wishes to you all!


Nikki - April 29

I'm from the US as well and my best friend is a doctor. My only craving has been for for red wine, and I wasn't much of a wine drinker before pregnancy. She said that an occasional gla__s of wine (red only for some reason) is actually good for the mother and baby. It increases the blood flow. But, I'm not a doctor so please don't take my word for it. Consult your doc. and do what you feel is best. I honestly believe an occasional gla__s is fine.


Why? - April 29

Why ask for trouble? I think that ANY alcohol is crazy. I am not trying to be rude, but g-d forbid anything ever happened, you would question yourself forever. My suggestion would be stay away from it.


Tootie - April 29

Who knows how much alcohol an individual has to drink before they become drunk. So who knows how much alcohol you, the individual, has to drink before it affects your baby. No alcohol (along with so many other things talked about here ad naseum) during pregnancy is pretty much a CYA for health care professions and a safety net for idiots who can't make rational, informed decisions for themselves.


Kimmy - April 29

WOW !! Wanda ... sorry for all the preachers (even tho you asked them not to reply) Some people just dont know where the line is between rude and opionated. Anyway, I have also heard that a glas of (red) wine is good for you in any stage in life ... it reduces cholesterol and increases blood flow. Although it sounds kind of safe I dont think I myself would indulge (just because I am super-paranoid) but the decision is yours, I definitely would consult your doctor as everyones pregnancy is completely differnt and there may be a reason why YOU should avoid all together. Good Luck.


Wanda - April 29

I was thinking about how things were a long time ago, like when wine was so much more a part of the culture and way of life. Like during the biblical or medieval times. I find it hard to believe that women were instructed as strongly to avoid drinking, and while I am sure there were problems, there wasn't this widespread fear that we have today. It just seems to me that this no alcohol policy is something that came about in the last 50 years or so and while there is concrete data that heavy drinking is bad, I find it hard to believe that we hear any amount, even small and infrequent is bad. I know the medical community needs to cover thier a__s, but this blanket policy isn't taking into consideration the power of women to make their own decisions using their best judgements.


Linda - April 29

Kimmy....Wanda asked the question and people are giving her a respectful answer. You start with sarcasm and then in the next breath you give your personal opinion. I do not think anyone is trying to be mean cruel or anything else, but trying to give their viewpoint. I think you should think before cutting other up.


traci - April 29

Wanda no it's not taking that into consideration at all. Litigation is one of America's favorite pa__stimes, remember the lady who sued McD's for having hot coffee? Earlier in your post you mentioned what used to be acceptable, was probably because we didn't know any better. Cocaine used to be freely distributed to cure almost any ailment, from colds to mental illness. It was a common ingredient in lots of things, incuding another American staple Coke. Let me wrap this up by saying, I am not comparing the effects of cocaine on an embryo or fetus to that of a gla__s of wine. I am just offering a suggestion on why it was ok then and not ok now. Man I knew I felt a rant coming on. I am going to get my blog now--sorry guys!


traci - April 29

One more thing; there is a similar thread in "General Pregnancy". It's pretty "involved" too.


To Wanda - April 29

I believe it is ok.(Red, for me) Better to do it in private b/c so many are offended by it. I saw a pregnant women two years ago smoking a cig. and I almost said something to her about it. How could I know if she was a chain smoker or maybe that was one of five for the entire pregnancy. Does that make sense? Better not to judge.


Steph - April 29

Hi Wanda - I actually generated the thread on General Pregnancy regarding this same subject. I got A LOT of opinions - both good and bad. I appreciate both, but like you... give me your opinion, don't preach to me! I asked my Dr., who is a highly respected OB/GYN, she said that an occasional gla__s after your first trimester is ok.. but, over a period of time and with food. She said a gla__s over a couple of hours with plenty of food, to help you relax is ok. This is a BIG source of contention, but I honestly believe it is your choice. I ran into some people who were basically telling me how horrible of a person I was for even asking the question. I still have not had a gla__s, and I don't know how I feel when I decide to have one, but I do know this.. I talked to my Dr. (A PROFESSIONAL) and did not go by somebody's opinion on this board, and I will do what I think is best. So, Wanda - follow your instincts and talk to your Dr.


snickering - April 29

Wanda you know there will always be people who don't like this or that. Make an informed or get a "professional" opinion of your own. I talked to my Dr. (A PROFESSIONAL) ~~~~~ that line is funny because it's still an opinion and chances are they the opposing opinions of the others came from a "professional" too.


Steph - April 29

snickering - GEEZ! I meant it is a PROFESSIONAL OPINION! Yes, it is still an opinion, but by my Dr. That is what I meant! my goodness, you are saying the EXACt same thing I said.. I suggested getting a professional opinion!


Jessy - May 1

Health experts say it is good for digestion to drink a very small gla__s of RED wine w/your meal...make it a LARGE meal and SMALL gla__s however to be sure the wine effects your FOOD DIGESTION ONLY and NOT your BABY...so, alittle is safe...be sure NOT to overdo it! I personally stay away and do other things for good digestion during pregnancy...but do what you like...it's your baby's life you should be thinking of and your health means everything to the little one in there...good luck!



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