Oct 22 Due Date

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Mardie - March 30

Hi is anyone due around the same time as me? I'm due Oct. 22 and not feel'n too good, no appet_te and lost weight!


diane - March 30

I am due Oct. 15, I don't feel tooo bad, but I have no appet_te, I wonder if there could something wrong. Are u showing yet??


Misty - March 30

I'm due Oct. 26. I feel a lot better then I used to. The only main thing that I have left is I never have any energy. I have a son who is almost two years old and I sleep more than him :-) Nausea and loss of appit_te are gone though. It actually worries me a little to have lost the symptoms so early on. Especially since I just had a miscarriage.


Heidi - March 30

Oct 20th for me! My morning sickness totally vanished on Monday and I have more energy than ever. I feel like I'm not even pregnant. Now should I be worried? I haven't been but I haven't had even the slightest bit of nausea and I'm just full of energy. Instead of going to bed at 7, I can last longer than 10 pm and wake up feeling great. I hope everything is okay!


js - March 30

I'm due October 20th, and my morning sickness seems to be completely gone. I'm like Heidi, and have a ton more energy than I did a few weeks ago. I'm trying to take advantage of it and exercise more. As for the appet_te, mine is hug! I will be 11 weeks on Thursday and have gained 4 pounds. I was 115 before, so these extra few pounds around the middle make me feel huge! Hopefully you will get over the sickness soon. I hate soda crackers, but they seemed to work for the morning sickness the best. Good Luck!


Heidi - March 30

js - I'm at 11 weeks on Thursday too! Congrats! I too am exercising much more with my new energy, although I don't feel as hungry as I did just a week ago. I was at 118 and I gained about 7-8 lbs already!!! So I'm trying not to eat like I did before as it as mostly junk food that didn't make me sick. Plus it felt better to eat so I did all the time. I just hope the morning sickness is gone for good! I'm afraid it's going to sneak back up on me. Sometimes I still get that funny taste in my mouth when I get hungry but I don't actually get sick from it like before. Knock on wood!!!!


jessica - March 30

hi mardie - am due oct 18 - feel ok, tired mostly, and moody!!! all my pants are feeling to tight, and think i have to shop for more soon, but no morning sickness....headaches though-ug


D - March 30

Oct 15. I feel pretty bad - well, to be honest, really bad. I had a few good days last weekend that I hoped would last... no such luck. I have been losing weight too!


Misty - March 30

lol Heidi, isn't it sad when the fact that we feel better makes us worried? I have a doctor's appointment on April 8th though so it is my little ray of hope. Make it to that appointment and get to hear my babies heartbeat and it will make me feel so much more confident that everything is O.K.



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