October 2011 Babies

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aisha1077 - February 24

hi shleesme o have also been spotting i have had it since 10 dpo i also had a scan my dates we spot on im now 7 weeks 1 day most recent spotting was this morning my doc told me looking at my scan its a 97% chance it will be a sucsessfull outcome but i still worry myself crazy over it everytime i spot.. i dont know what my babys heartrate was but was def there sounds like you have a very good strong little bean in ur tummy x good luck


shleesme - February 24

hi aisha1077, I was just wondering when they did your scan did they find out why you were spotting? I also have been spotting persistently for a week now and they found a small extra sac in my uterus near the opening of my cervix. I could have possibly been pregnant with twins and one either died very early on or was a blighted ovum. And that can contribute to the bleeding from spotting to almost period/miscarriage blood. If you don't already know why your bleeding ask your doctor to do another scan to see the problem. In a lot of cases bleeding early pregnancy although not normal is very common. i also drive myself crazy over the spotting too (so frustrating!)but hang in there and don't worry. If it's meant to happen then it will happen and in a few months time you will be holding your baby in your arms safe and sound.


aisha1077 - February 24

hi shleesme i am sorry to hear about that at least you still have one little bean in there iv had a doctors appointment today to have my cervix checked she was a great comfort she expained in great detail even drew me a picture of what te cause of my bleeding was its called cervical erosion. she explained that my cervix is not really eroded just some of the cells are thin and raw and is the most likely cause of the bleeds i keep having she explained that in most cases this goes away in its own and other times it can continue all thro the pregnancy she said it was caused by the hormones. a relif but still a big worry x i hope ur bleeding stops soon and all works out ok for you. x


armywife24 - February 28

Hi ladies, how's everyone doing today? I went for another scan this past Friday, and they were able to spot the baby again, and I also got to see AND hear the heartbeat. i didn't think I would be able to hear anything this early, but you could hear it clear as day. My baby's hb was beating at 150bpm, and my midwife said that was nice and strong. I still have the sore and tender b___bies, but now I have nausea. I'm so paranoid because every couple of days or so, I'll spot brown blood, and today I had some really old brown blood, which looked like small clots, so I hope everything is ok. how is everyone else doing?


aisha1077 - February 28

Hi shleesme its a great moment to see the heartbeating normally i have also had spotting scan showed the baby was fine.. Have u had anyone look at ur cervix. Thats what my doctor said was causing my spotting its been happening since 10 days past ovulation i thought it was implantation bleeding but iv been told its from my cervix. They called it cervical erosion she explained its not really my cervix eroding away just the cells from the womb come down a little further than they should become weak and come away from.the cervix causing the spotting that is usually a light pink colour that turns rustic and brown within a few hours. Xx maybe u should ask ur gp to check just to put ur mind at rest x


aisha1077 - February 28

Hello everyone.. Armywife have you had ur cervix checked for sugns that the spotting is comming from there? Anyone had anymore symptoms yet i still have sore b___bs sickness and a few cramps kinda like af cramps.. Stools keep changing from hard to soft as well. Lol i was sure i could feel my bean moving around yesterday with this being my 6th baby i expect to feel it earlyer but not that early after 10 mons i relised it was just wind lol xx hope everyone i well xx


Rishhi - March 1

Hi! I m about 5 weeks and few days pregnant now. Due on oct 29th. No symptoms really other than peeing alot and some cramps here and there. But I m glad not to hv morning sickness so far. It's my first one, so m v excited. :) good luck to everyone!


b__terfly_kisses - March 2

Hello everyone! I'm new to this board and wanted to introduce myself! I'm 29 (soon to be 30) and I am pregnant with my second baby; I also have a daughter who turned 3 in January! I believe I am about 5.5 weeks along and due on October 30th. I will have my first ultrasound on 3/23 to find out more specifics. I am so excited to be pregnant again! So far, I've been experiencing, achy b___bs, some light cramping and pressure in the uterus, backache and occa__sional moodiness :)! Some days I don't even feel pregnant. I'm looking forward to all of the coming milestones! Congrats to all of you ladies!


aisha1077 - March 2

Congratulations b___terfly kisses x wishing u a happy 9 months and welcome to october babys 2011 x x


meme1212 - March 3

Hi guys, I am 6weeks 6days and my nausea and vomiting has kicked in this week big time. Any pointers on how to feel better. I am getting closer to my first OB visit and U/S I will be going next Thursday at 8 weeks. I hope all is well with each of you too and please help if you can. I have had a rough week this week. Continue to have Happy and Healthy Pregnancies until October!!!!


aisha1077 - March 3

Meme ginger beer ginger biscuts or plain biscuts like dry crackers are really helpfull for the sickness. Remember to drink plenty of water as well sorry ur having a hard time it wont last long tho x hope it helps


Megnkris25 - March 3

Aisha- seems like we are following each other, haha!!! How are you feeling?? I don't have my first dr apt till match 14th and I don't think they will do a heart beat or anything, just a nurses visit. I'm not really sure how far along I am.... I don't know if my last period was for real or just early spotting... And when I took my opk I had 8 positive in a row so I'm think I was already prego. I really dread going to the dr though, with my last one I had a lot of complications I went into early labor at 26 weeks and it seems like I was in and out for the next 10 weeks then my son came a month early, but was a health 7.5 oz...... Anyone else have a early baby and what do they do different with the next pregnancy? I have heard something about some weekly shots? Anyone else feel like they can't sleep at night? I am soo tried when I go to bed but here I am at 330am on the computer.....and the nausea has started to kick In, really this early????


aisha1077 - March 3

Hello megnkris again lol iv already had a scan at 6weeks2days now 8weeks1day. Gosh if u had of gone full term ur little boy would have been a big boy i had my last boy at 42 weeks and he was 7lb3 it was emergancy c section due to a cord prolaps the cord was wrapped round his neck 3 times so he coukd not drop down and just the rest of the cord came down. I guess the only way u will know for sure of ur dates is by ur scan if ur unsure explain to ur doctor they maywell arange for a scan before u woukd normally go. Iv also had spotting but i have been diagnossed with cervical erosion so u could be further than u think if tests were showing u were ovulating xx good luck let us kbow how it goes xx


armywife24 - March 3

Hi ladies, how's everyone doing today? How are we all feeling? Rishhi& B___terfly Kisses, welcome & congrats:) today I am 8w2d and all of a sudden, my nausea and morning sickness kicked in FULL FORCE!!!! I was getting worried because I thought my symptoms were leaving but then this morning, I couldn't eat anything, and if I did, I had to force it down. Oh, this morning sickness and nausea is awful, but I'll endure it everyday until my baby is born if I have to:) I find saltines and ginger ale help me with my nausea, and if you have a sweet tooth and can stomach them, ginger snaps as well...also, motherhood maternity sells candy for morning sickness and it workes in my last pregnancy. I no longer have any spotting, and I am having a huge problem sleeping and when I do sleep, I have nightmares:( Anyone else having nightmares? megnkris, I've had nausea since week 4 everyday and it went away for all of week 7, then came back today, so you can have it that early. I am praying we all have healthy pregnancies and healthy babies:):)


shleesme - March 3

hello again, I hit my 8 week mark today, exciting as I have never made it this far in pregnancy since I had 2 miscarriages in the past. I too had spotting for 2 weeks but that has stopped as well and i feel a little more relaxed. I started to get morning sickness this morning and was dry heaving in bed at 5 this morning and could barely eat breakfast, but I feel great in the evening. The doctor put me on some extra vitamin D as I live in Alberta, Canada we don't get much sun out this way around this time of year (just snow). I go for my next check-up at 11 weeks and 4 days which is at the end of this month, so we should be able to detect the heartbeat with the doppler which is going to be so exciting. Hope everyone is doing well and cant wait to hear your updates!


meme1212 - March 4

Shleesme, I am so excited for you!!! I hit my 7 week mark today but my nausea and vomiting kicked in towards the the end of my 6 weeks. I am glad to hear that your spotting has stop now you mind can be at ease for a while!!!!



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