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meme1212 - March 4

Shleesme, I am so excited for you!!! I hit my 7 week mark today but my nausea and vomiting kicked in towards the the end of my 6 weeks. I am glad to hear that your spotting has stop now you mind can be at ease for a while!!!!


meme1212 - March 4

Aisha, Thank you for your suggestions I will try them. I had a better day today but the nauseated feeling is always still there. I guess I better get use to it for a while.


meme1212 - March 4

Armywife, I am feeling okay I am going through the nausea and vomiting too but like you said I will endure until my first born is here. I am not having nightmares but i am waking up at 2:00 and 3:00 in the morning because I can't sleep or going to the restroom. I am going to try the ginger snaps and I also heard mints help too.


aisha1077 - March 4

Hi ladies im 8 weeks 2 days today and also having trouble sleeping seem to be waking up all through the night tossing and turning. I had a little more spotting yesterday just once and brown my fetal doppler arrived this morning iv tried but i think its just to early to pick up the heartbeat. I think i was 10 weeks befor i heatd it last time. Iv also noticed that my bowel movements are a litte lose but that could be due to the parental vitamins im taking im told they have stool softners in them. I dont think my sickness is as bad as some of u ladies but its the worse iv ever had it lol o never had it with any of the others before.. I have noticed that my symptoms are worse some days than others.


armywife24 - March 4

How's everyone this morning? Aisha, I bought a fetal doppler too, from some online store, for about 60 bucks, and when I tried to use it, I couldn't detect anything. I guess we may have to wait another week or so, the last time i was pregnant, i heard the heartbeat at around 11 or 12 weeks.


aisha1077 - March 4

Yeah we are in to much of a rush i think hehe i managed to get my pulse and loads of woshing sounds but thats all so far. Il keep trying tho and let you all know when i find it xx


aisha1077 - March 8

Hi ladies how is everyone this week im now about to enter week 9 sickness is starting to calm a little and constipation getting worse. Breasts still sore and tender. I have felt so tired this last week and needed to nap during the day i have also been hit with some really bad migrains this past week . Im really looking forward to the next triminister iv still not managed to pick up the heartbeat on my doppler as of yet i think its still to early im told its usually between 10 12 weeks when the baby is further up past the pelvic bone. Hope everyone is well.


b__terfly_kisses - March 8

As far as I know, I'm in my 6th week now. I'm feeling noxious pretty much all day long but no throwing up. Boobs are still sore, starting to get heart burn as well as a bloated tummy. I've got this really bad backache that's really annoying. I think my sciatic nerve is also being effected because the pain is shooting down into my right leg. I haven't been feeling overly tired this week so that's nice.


aisha1077 - March 9

Hello again ladies how excited am i today... Very 9 weeks today and i have picked up the babys heart beat on my doppler at home.. I thought i caught it for a split second yesterday trird again this morning and picked it within a few mins of looking so happy and relived to hear it it has put my fears at rest so much x


sbea - March 9

Hello everyone- I know it can be difficult coming into a conversation but I am apart of another forum and I was seriously apart of this one when I was pregnant with my daughter. I am about 8 weeks 5 days right now and I am telling everyone my due date is October 14. This is my third pregnancy and all of them I have gotten pregnant from my January egg. I have one Daughter (first pregnancy was a miscarriage) and she was born October 3, 2009 so this shall be interesting. I really hope not to have two with the same birth dates. I was trying to avoid an october baby but my hubby and I had been trying for 6 months and frankly you don't care, plus I had a feeling I wouldn't get pregnant before January anyways. Tomorrow I have an u/s and I am looking forward to it as I was suffering from spotting this past weekend. Hoping to see and hear the baby tomorrow! I look forward to getting to know all you ladies through the next several months.


aisha1077 - March 9

Hi sbea welcome to october babys. We in the dame boat im due oct the 12th i have a daughter born in oct on the 5th my hubbies bday is the 7th lol so any days apart from them woukd be good for me. A lot of women have spotting during pregnancy iv also had it this pregnancy i had mine confirmed as cervical erosion by my gp. So i hope urs is also somthing simular and nothing related to the pregnancy. Good luck with the scan let us all know how things go xx


sbea - March 10

Thanks Alsha for the warm welcome. Well I say the little bean on the U/S this morning! It was amazing. The heart beat was 174 and it was moving around and you could see tiny stubs for legs and arms moving around! I won't know the results of why I was spotting for a couple of weeks but for now I don't care as I am just over the moon just at what I saw today. The measurements were even spot on! I am so excited!


aisha1077 - March 10

Thats great news congratulations the chances now that everything will be ok is very high like 95 after my scan at 6 weeks 2 days the doc said i have a 97% chance of everything being sucsessfull i know that drops even more when u pick up the hb on a doppler its a great feeling to see ur little bean jumping about happy and healthy xx so pleased everything is ok.


b__terfly_kisses - March 11

Welcome sbea and hi to everyone else! I've been spotting as well so I've got an appointment in about an hour to have a v____al ultrasound done. Hopefully I'll be lucky like of you ladies and everything will be fine! I'll let you know!


aisha1077 - March 11

Good luck thinking of u hope it all goes well xx


sbea - March 12

B___terflykisses- Hoping you hear and see good news! Well I am pretty tired and I am thinking of bed. My Hubby is gone for the night so maybe I will actually sleep better? Who knows. Though I can feel my heartburn even though I am on prescription. This pregnancy has been so much worse so far. Here is hoping the rest of it is good. I can't believe I am 9 weeks!!! 3 more weeks and I get to tell people. THough I am not finding that the second pregnancy is going any faster than the first. Just a lot of waiting and waiting...



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