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sbea - March 12

B___terflykisses- Hoping you hear and see good news! Well I am pretty tired and I am thinking of bed. My Hubby is gone for the night so maybe I will actually sleep better? Who knows. Though I can feel my heartburn even though I am on prescription. This pregnancy has been so much worse so far. Here is hoping the rest of it is good. I can't believe I am 9 weeks!!! 3 more weeks and I get to tell people. THough I am not finding that the second pregnancy is going any faster than the first. Just a lot of waiting and waiting...


aisha1077 - March 12

Sbea.. When r u due im due oct 12. Im 9 weeks 3 days today.also feeling tired but pleased that the sickness seemed to have pa__sed now and my b___sts still tender and heavy but no longer throbbing like before. I agree with you this pregnancy is not going any faster for me either and this is baby number 6. I am looking foreard to the second triminister so i can just start to enjoy being pregnant. B___terfly kisses i hope your okay xx thoughts are with you.


sbea - March 12

Alsha I am due October 14, so we are really close in due dates. Wow six children! I always wanted to have 4 to six kids but I married someone who wants two. I have come down to three but it is going to be tough to get him to go for a third.


aisha1077 - March 12

Wow thats great we are close. I am married to an egyptian hence the 6 children we are both 1 of 6 children even now he still talks of one more after this one but no chance of that this pregnancy has been hard work so far lol you could always seduce hubbie for number 3 lol ;-)


sbea - March 12

Oh I could I am sure but we practice fertility awareness method when we aren't trying for a baby and that requires complete honesty. I am leaving it in God's hands to change his mind. Though I do have a few tricks up my sleeve to help me if need be. Also please don't think I am ignorant but I didn't know egyptians have lots of children. But I guess it is largely muslim and that would make sense. The only set back I have is we are both from larger size families (4 siblings which is on the big side in Canada) and my family we were well off but my husband's family was quite poor. So he has a bad taste in his mouth with the idea of more than two kids. Mostly he is just afraid he will fail to provide for his family and be able to do he duty in raising the kids. BUt I have seen where God never fails. But I have agreed to take one child at a time. Who knows after this birth I could be so done or something happens and I can't have anymore children. So instead of planning everything in my life I have let it go a bit. Seen way to much heartbreak of friends who wanted large families or even a child and never can achieve it. So our motto is One baby at a time.


aisha1077 - March 13

Lol sbea. You have thought it all thro already xx bless him thats sweet he thinks like that. My husband is the same he has to be the man of the house and provide for us. And yes one baby at a time is enough xx


meme1212 - March 13

Hello everyone i know I have been missing for a while. To give you guys an update.. I went to the Doctor for my first visit Thursday and things went great!!!! I was set back a couple of days. I thought I was 8 weeks Thursday but I was 7 weeks and 4 days. The baby looked like a little bean and the heart beat was strong as ever!!! its going 160bpm!!!! I am 8 weeks today and still have morning sickness ALL day. Thank goodness I am on spring Break this week so no work for me!!!! I get to rest a little. It seems as if I am the baby of the group too since this is my first pregnancy. I was relieved to know that everything is going well with the baby and me. I am having a normal pregnancy so far!!!! My due date is now October 23, 2011 now. I hope all is well with each of you and if I continue to feel better you may hear from me more often. I will keep you updated!!!


b__terfly_kisses - March 13

Thanks for all the kind words from everyone! Things are A-OK! The baby is still so small of course so there wasn't much to see in there but we did get to see the heart beating which was a huge relief! They aren't sure why I was spotting but I've stopped and my doc says there's nothing to worry about. Thank goodness! I've been sick with an awful cold on top of constant morning sickness. I tried candied ginger as well as some accupressure wristbands but nothing has helped so far. Congrats Meme on your first baby! The first one is very exciting as it is all a new experience!! I hope you all are feeling better and getting lots of rest!


sbea - March 15

B___terflykisses- I am so glad things are going well. Meme- Hope to see more from you. Well I am nine weeks and feeling alright. Though I find it odd that I can't sleep! When i was pregnant with our first I slept so great. Now i can't get a good nights sleep and it isn't because of peeing all night. I just can't fall asleep and can't stay asleep. It is so weird. Well it is lunch time and that means time to eat. Yum!!!


aisha1077 - March 21

Hello ladies how is everyone feeling this week now aproaching week 11 i have my next scan the 1st of april and i cant wait to see how much the baby has grown.


b__terfly_kisses - March 21

I am now 8 weeks and feeling pretty crummy! I have had morning sickness much worse this time than in my first pregnancy. Also, I've had a bad cold for three weeks now which isn't helping! I've got my first real prenatal visit tomorrow which I'm excited about. :)


shleesme - March 21

Hi girls, Just had my second doctors visit and got to hear the baby with the doppler, I was a little worried as the heartrate was only 125 whereas at my 7 week ultrasound it was going at 142 bpm. The doctor didn't seem worried at all and said the baby sounds good. My morning sickness has topped out in the last few days where I was actually throwing up a little bit. My b___st tenderness is starting to go away. All in all I guess things are going well. Has anyone else been able to hear their baby yet?


aisha1077 - March 21

Hi again ladies iv had a cold as well b___terfly making me feel grotty but my symptoms have all but gone now no more sickness yay... Iv been picking my babys heartbeat up since 9 weeks with my doppler at home... But tonight while having a listen in found the hb in his normal place just on the left doppler pointing down towards my pelvic bone about 152 bmp and i dont know why i decided to listen in on the other side further up im not sure if it was an echo or anotjer hb i heard it was about 167 bpm i know neither of them was me or the placenter so im just a little bit confused right now as i had a scan at 6 weeks 2 days it showed 1 baby... So i dont know what to think.... Lol


meme1212 - March 21

Hi lades!!, B___terfly I hope you feel better, I have been going through the same thing since I was about 6 weeks pregnant with morning sickness. I can't imagine having that with a cold too. Shleesme I am glad to hear that your visit went well!! My Morning sickness has calmed down a lot as well too!!! I am now 9 weeks and 1 day today. Aisha that would be exciting if you are having twins. I am glad to hear that everything is going well for everyone so far besides our morning sickness and colds I think it sounds like everybody is right on schedule!!! :-)


b__terfly_kisses - March 23

Thanks Meme! I went for my first prenatal appointment yesterday and found out that my cold that has lasted over 3 weeks now has turned into a sinus infection! Joy! At least now I've got antibiotics so I'll be on my way to better health! My morning sickness has suprisingly gotten better over the last three days which I couldn't be more thrilled about. I had it really bad from 6-12 weeks with my first child so it's strange to me that it hasn't lasted as long this time around. Hopefully it's gone for good! Is anyone else having a planned c-section with this baby? I had to have an emergency c-section with my first baby because after 28 hours of labor I failed to progress beyond 7.5 cm. I'm a little nervous about it this time around since my husband will only be getting one week off of work and I'll have my 3 year old to look after as well as my newborn, plus we don't have any family nearby. I'm hoping to be able to talk my mother in law into coming to stay with us for a while when the baby is born! It's funny because with my first born I wanted to do everything myself and refused help from anyone who offered and this time around I feel like I'll take all the help I can get! Is anyone having cravings yet? So far, if I do have any cravings its mostly for things that aren't all that healthy like pizza, tacos, etc. I suppose I have been craving one healthy thing and that is fruit salad which my daughter is loving since she gets to help me make it! Hope all of you are feeling well! :)


b__terfly_kisses - March 23

Oh, I forgot to mention that at my appointment yesterday we tried to listen to the heartbeat but weren't able to hear it. My doc says that's totally normal as I'm only 8 weeks and a few days along so it's' still a little early. I was disappointed to learn that I won't be having another ultrasound until I am between 19-20 weeks. I had 5 ultrasounds with my first baby!! I guess things are different in California, as I now live in Idaho and they acted like I was crazy for having 5 ultrasounds with an uncomplicated pregnancy!



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